Landfills, cleanfills & green waste

These reports cover monitoring programmes at sites that are currently operational and at sites that are now closed.

Bell Block Land Holdings Ltd

There is one resource consent relating to this site on Manutahi Rd, Bell Block, which is closed and being reinstated under a riparian planting plan in conjunction with the Council.

Annual report 2013-2014 (837 KB pdf) Earlier reports

Central Greenwaste & Firewood

Groundworkx Taranaki Ltd

Groundworkx Taranaki operates a cleanfill on Victoria Rd, Stratford, and holds a resource consent allowing the discharge of cleanfill on to and into land for quarry reinstatement purposes.

Groundworkx Taranaki monitoring report 2016-2018 (533 KB pdf) Earlier reports

NPDC Colson Rd landfill

New Plymouth District Council holds eight resource consents relating to the Colson Rd landfill, allowing the discharge of uncontaminated stormwater into the Puremu Stream, leachate and contaminated stormwater into the Puremu Stream, emissions into air, solids on to and into land, stormwater from earthworks and diversion of water.

Colson Rd Landfill consent monitoring 2018-2019 (4.2 MB pdf) Earlier reports

NPDC former landfills & contingency landfills

These reports cover the New Plymouth District Council’s reinstated landfills at King Rd, Inglewood, and Hampton, Okato, which are held in reserve to accept refuse on a contingency basis, and the Okoki and Marfell Park landfills, which are closed and have been fully reinstated.

NPDC landfills monitoring report 2018-2019 (1.4 MB pdf) Earlier reports

Regional cleanfills

Consent holders covered in these reports include AA Contracting Ltd, A&A George Family Trust, AE Riddick, BJ & LB Bishop, Denis Wheeler Earthmoving Ltd, Downer EDI Works Ltd, Gas and Plumbing Ltd, Graham Harris (2000) Ltd, JW & CT Bailey Ltd, Rocky Bay Holdings Ltd, Taranaki Trucking Co Ltd, and TPJ Partnership.

Regional cleanfills consent monitoring 2019-2020 (3.5 MB pdf) Earlier reports

STDC Eltham central landfill (baseline monitoring)

A site at Rotokare Rd, 2km south of Eltham, has been proposed as the site for a regional landfill facility, when one becomes necessary. Consent conditions include baseline monitoring of surface water and groundwater for comparison with data gathered after landfill operations begin.

Central Landfill baseline monitoring 2018-2019 (2.8 MB pdf) Earlier reports

RH Vosseler landfill

RH Vosseler holds one consent to discharge leachate from a private landfill at Sole Rd, Ngaere.

Annual report 2012-2013 (453 KB pdf) (single document only)

Westown Haulage Ltd cleanfill & wood waste disposal