Citylink FAQs

Can you find property I lost on the bus?

If you've lost an item while travelling on a Citylink service, send us the details and we'll do our best to find it for you.

Download and fill our lost property form - it's interactive and editable.

Email the completed form to

Please note  that the Taranaki Regional Council and Tranzit Coachlines do not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of any property brought on to buses by passengers. While we do our best to locate missing items and return them to their owners, passengers are responsible for ensuring they have all their possessions with them before exiting vehicles.

Citylink lost property form [PDF, 541 KB]


Can I take my wheelchair on the bus?

All buses in the Citylink urban fleet servicing Waitara, Bell Block, New Plymouth and Oakura, are now low-floor and wheelchair accessible – no steps.

Wheelchairs on buses must not take up a space of more than 700mm wide and 1200mm long or have a chair/passenger combined weight of more than 240kg. If a passenger in a wheelchair cannot get on a bus and pay their fare themselves, they must be assisted by a support person. There are no restraints for wheelchairs, so brakes must be on at all times while travelling.

Download Wheelchair Users' Guide to Citylink Network [PDF, 184 KB] for more information

Can I take a buggy/stroller/pram on the bus?

Yes.  We want to make bus travel easier for people with young children using buggies, strollers or prams (BSPs).

All buses are accessible for buggies up 700mm wide and 1200mm long unfolded.  Passengers with a BSP may use the wheelchair space if it is available. However, passengers with wheelchairs have priority.

Parents/caregivers are responsible for securing their BSP throughout their journey.  Children may remain in in the BSP under parental or caregiver  supervision.

Can I take my bike on the bus?

Yes. Buses on all urban Citylink services (New Plymouth, Oakura, Bell Block, Waitara) are equipped with bike racks. Click on the link for more information:

Bikes on Buses

Where does each fare zone start and finish?

  • New Plymouth: New Plymouth from the 100 km/h sign on South Road (west of NP) through along Devon Road (SH3) north up to and including Egmont Road. South to the corner of SH3 and Mangorei Road.
  • Omata: Omata village from (but excluding) Plymouth Road along SH45 to (including Beach Road) to the 50km/h signs entering New Plymouth.
  • Oakura: Oakura township, from and including Wairau Rd, along SH45 through to and including Plymouth Road.
  • Bell Block: Bell Block township from (but excluding) Egmont Road along Devon Road (SH3), along Devon Road through to and including Mountain Road.
  • Waitara: Waitara township from (but excluding) Mountain Road through Brixton, to the corner Main North Road and Bayly Street. South along Princess St to and including Rahiri Street.

What are the numbered points in the timetable?

These are timed waypoints where you can reasonably expect the bus to be at that particular time.  The bus may pause here briefly to make sure the service is not running ahead of schedule.  This should make it easier for you to estimate the time the bus will arrive at your stop.

Why are the timetable times approximate only?

Traffic conditions may cause delays.

Is a large-print version of the timetable available?

Yes, call 0800 87 22 87 to obtain a copy.

Which services call at The Valley?

Route 9 (Fitzroy/The Valley/Glen Avon) includes The Valley Mega Centre, with 10 services a day from the Bus Centre. Route 20 to and from Bell Block and Waitara also stops at The Valley except for the first inbound morning service.

Which service calls at Taranaki Base Hospital?

Route 3 (Lynmouth-Marfell) calls twice at Taranaki Base Hospital on its circular run. Bus stops are at the main entrance and the outpatients' department. Route 3's Bus Station departure point is Bay D, in Ariki St near the entrance to Huatoki Plaza.

How can I get from Liardet St to the Bus Centre?

You can still use the bus.  Just catch either Route 6 (Vogeltown/Brooklands) or 7 (Welbourn) as they return to the Bus Centre.  Tell the driver you would like to transfer to your service and your trip home is free.  (Free transfers must occur within an hour of purchasing your first ticket).

How do I reach the central supermarkets and The Warehouse by bus?

Route 7 Welbourn (outward trip) can be used from the Bus Centre Hub to get up to those supermarkets located between Leach and Courtenay Streets.  The following stops are relevant:

  • Liardet Street (walking distance to New World supermarket).
  • Courtenay Street (outside The Warehouse, opposite New World).
  • Leach Street (by Mobil Service Station, opposite Woolworths).

Route 6 (Vogeltown/Brooklands) and Route 7 (Welbourn) can be used to get back from Liardet Street to the Bus Centre at Ariki Street where you can catch all the other urban services.  Remember to ask the driver on the first bus for a transfer ticket, so that your second ride is free.

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