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Environmental data

Today: 01:30am

Ahititi 0.0 mm More
Mangorei at Reservoir N.P 1.0 mm More
Inglewood 1.0 mm More
North Egmont at Visitors Centre 3.5 mm More
Kapoaiaia at Cape Egmont 2.2 mm More
Stratford 0.0 mm More
Tawhiti at Whareroa 0.5 mm More
Waitotara at Rimunui Station 0.0 mm More
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State of the Council
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Healthy waterways report 2016
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Healthy waterways report 2016 Read more

Annual Report 'good reading' in challenging times
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Annual Report 'good reading' in challenging times Read more

Recount newsletter September 2016
Recount 102 content block

Recount newsletter September 2016 Read more