Coastal ecosystems, landscapes and character are important priorities in the Council's work.

Taranaki Regional Estuaries Ecological Vulnerability Assessment

This 2019 report for the Council by Robertson Environmental Ltd presents vulnerability assessments of 20 estuaries in Taranaki in relation to the key coastal issues of eutrophication (excessive nutrients) and sedimentation (excessive muddiness), and includes long-term estuary monitoring recommendations.

Taranaki Regional Estuaries Ecological Vulnerability Assessment (10 MB pdf) (single document only)

Tsunami evacuations

This report presents results of computer modelling of tsunami inundation of Taranaki coastal communities in exposed locations at risk from this hazard. The report was prepared by the Hawke's Bay Regional Council for the Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management Group.

Taranaki tsunami inundation analysis (6.8 MB pdf) (single document only)

Coastal erosion inventory

This 2009 report summarised the information on coastal erosion rates for the Taranaki coast that was already available from monitoring, surveying, aerial photographs and maps, and identified where further information-gathering should be focused.

Coastal erosion information: inventory & recommendations for monitoring (1.1 MB pdf) See appendices

Marine oil spill response - Okato 2007

A report on the Council's response to what was then the largest ever crude oil spill in New Zealand and the third largest oil spill of any type in New Zealand in recent history. The oil affected nearly 14 kilometres of sand and rocks along the coast near Okato in October 2007.

Response to marine oil spill - Okato 2007 (358 KB pdf) (single document only)

Coastal areas of local or regional signficance

This Inventory was compiled in 2004 by the Taranaki Regional Council with assistance from New Plymouth District Council and Department of Conservation. It provides information on coastal areas of local or regional significance in the Taranaki region and information on public access to the coastal marine area. The Inventory identifies where subdivisions have occurred in the coastal area since 1999.

Inventory of coastal areas of local or regional significance in the Taranaki region (4.5 MB pdf) Summary & discussion document