Wastewater treatment & disposal

These reports cover large-scale municipal systems and as well as those serving small communities.

NPDC Inglewood waste water treatment plant

NPDC Waitara wastewater treatment plant & marine outfall

Since October 2014, Waitara’s municipal wastewater has been piped to the New Plymouth wastewater treatment plant, and the combined report for the January 2014-June 2015 period is the last for the Waitara wastewater treatment plant and marine outfall.

Combined annual report 2014-2015 (1.8 MB pdf) More reports

STDC Hāwera oxidation ponds

Treated wastewater from the Hāwera ponds is discharged to the Tasman Sea via the marine outfall used by Fonterra’s Whareroa plant, and STDC holds one consent to discharge to an unnamed stream in the event of high rainfall.

Hāwera oxidation ponds consent monitoring 2017-2018 (2 MB pdf) More reports