Plants, predators and 'the making of Backyard Biodiversity'

Plants, predators and 'the making of Backyard Biodiversity' - Episodes 9-11

Episode 9: Identifying Backyard Plants

Post your leaf and plant pics here: link)

Relevant resources

There are heaps of amazing resources for plants. The key thing is choosing the right resource for your knowledge level. Below we’ve included advice to steer you in the right direction.

Advanced plant identification

Other plant identification apps

Plants to attract birds and lizards

Restoration planting guides for Taranaki: link)

What to plant to replace removed weeds: link)

Episode 10: Become a Backyard Pest Detective

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Relevant resources

All things trapping:

Predator Monitoring:

Recording trap catches:

Waitara Taiao:

Episode 11: Making of Backyard Biodiversity

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This is the last episode in this lockdown series.

Resources and videos will remain available here and on the Facebook page and YouTube channel: link) link)

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