Taranaki Taku Tūranga - Towards Predator-Free Taranaki

Help Taranaki’s native wildlife & bush – let’s restore Taranaki! Get involved by trapping in your backyard, protecting Taranaki wildlife and native bush from the threat of predators.

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We can all play a part  to help protect and enhance our region's precious biodiversity — birds, lizards, insects, invertebrates, plants and ecosystems. Join Towards Predator-Free Taranaki and stop rats, possums and mustlelids (stoats, ferrets, weasels) wreaking havoc on our native environment.

It’s critical we stop them before they cause irreparable damage. If you’d like to help biodiversity and get involved in the project, Towards Predator-Free Taranaki — register here. We’re starting in the New Plymouth area, Oākura and the Kaitake Range with three different work streams – rural, urban and Restore Kaitake. 

Taranaki Taku Tūranga - Towards Predator-Free Taranaki

The Taranaki Regional Council can support you with a range of traps and devices, offering subsidised box-tunnel rat traps that are safe around pets and children for $10. If you’re unsure about using a trap, we will also provide assistance and discuss options you’re comfortable with. Find out more at one of our free urban trapping workshops

Pick up a rat trap and box

Due to the COVID-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown we're encouraging people to stay home but to continue 'backyard' trapping efforts during this time. We will keep the following details on where to get a trap on this page for now for your information.

Pick up a subsidised $10 rat trap and box from:

  • Mitre 10 Mega, The Valley, New Plymouth
  • Mitre 10 New Plymouth, 305 St Aubyn St, New Plymouth
  • Hunting & Fishing Taranaki, 25 Ocean View Parade, New Plymouth
  • Experience Pūrangi, 53 Rata St, Inglewood - info@purangikiwi.co.nz

Or contact one of these schools, which are selling them to raise funds for conservation/environment projects. Contact the school to arrange a time to collect your trap and free goodie bag:

New Plymouth

Frankley School - anna@frankley.school.nz

Highlands Intermediate - julz.jameson@highlands.school.nz

Sacred Heart Girls College - LBL@shgcnp.school.nz

Puketapu, Bell Block – ksowman@puketapu.school.nz

St John Bosco – matt@sjb.school.nz

Woodleigh School - sharon@woodleigh.school.nz

Don't forget to contact the school to arrange a time to collect your trap.


Egmont Village – poulgrain@yahoo.com

St Josephs Opunake – jodyclaire@xtra.co.nz

Stratford Primary – marlenel@sps.kiwi.nz

Uruti – principal@uruti.school.nz

Manukorihi Intermediate, Waitara: s.halcombe@manukorihi.school.nz

Coastal Taranaki School, Ōkato: margaret@coastaltaranaki.school.nz

Norfolk School, Inglewood: elizabeth.carter@norfolk.school.nz

Ngaere School, Ngaere/Eltham: megan@ngaere.school.nz

Oākura School: office@oakura.school.nz

Huirangi School, Huirangi/Waitara: principal@huirangi.school.nz

Don't forget to contact the school to arrange a time to collect your trap.

Other towns

Other urban areas in Taranaki will be included as the project continues. Please follow the link to register your interest and we'll be in touch when the project comes to your town.

Towards Predator-Free Taranaki registration(external link)

Already got your trap?

Be sure to register on the Trap.NZ website, and record your trapping catches there. This provides invaluable data not only for this project, but for others around New Zealand wanting to do something simillar. The process is easy and free, and there are also apps for both Apple and Android.

Recording catches [PDF, 303 KB] | Trap.NZ website(external link)

Trap.NZ Android app(external link) | Trap.NZ Apple app(external link)

More information

Follow the links for more information about Towards Predator-Free Taranaki and its phases

Urban programme

Rural programme

Restore Kaitake

Schools & Towards Predator-Free Taranaki

What New Plymouth rats like best

Ecologist helps lead Towards Predator-Free Taranaki

Restore Kaitake unites community of trappers

Grandmother becomes urban trapper

Taranaki tackles predator-free challenge

Get involved

Towards a Predator-Free Taranaki registration areas.

Click on map for big version.

To order your trap or show your support, check the map to see which area you're in, then select the appropriate form.

Urban New Plymouth(external link)

Waiwhakaiho rural (Area 1)(external link)

Restore Kaitake(external link)

All other towns & Areas 2-10(external link)

Teachers and principals wanting their school to be involved in Towards Predator-Free Taranaki should email chauncy.ardell@trc.govt.nz with their details.

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