Executive, Audit & Risk Committee

The Executive, Audit and Risk Committee deals with administrative and financial matters relating to the Council’s operations, budgets and works programme.

Executive, Audit & Risk Committee - 2 December 2019

Executive, Audit & Risk Committee

Proposed meeting date only - subject to change depending on outcome of local authority elections.

Committee memberships (2016-2019)


Consents and Regulatory Committee

Chairperson: Cr Michael Joyce.

Deputy Chairperson: Cr Tom Cloke.

Members: Cr Mike Davey, Cr Charlotte Littlewood, Cr Matthew McDonald, Cr Bev Raine, Cr Neil Walker.

Ex officio: Cr David MacLeod, Cr David Lean.

External appointments: Fay Mulligan, Hoani Eriwata and Keith Holswich (Iwi).

Policy and Planning Committee

Chairperson: Cr Neil Walker.

Deputy Chairperson: Cr Charlotte Littlewood.

Members: Cr Michael Joyce, Cr Donald McIntyre, Bev Raine, Cr Craig Williamson.

Ex officio: Cr David MacLeod. Cr David Lean.

External appointments: Cr Richard Jordan (NPDC); Cr Grant Boyde (Stratford DC); Cr Phil Nixon/Cr Clem Coxhead (STDC); Phill Muir (Federated Farmers); John Hooker, Emily Bailey and Mitchell Ritai (Iwi).

Regional Transport Committee

Chairperson: Cr Craig Williamson.

Deputy Chairperson: Cr Matthew McDonald.

Alternate Members: Cr Tom Cloke, Cr David MacLeod.

External appointments: Cr Harry Duynhoven/Cr Shaun Biesiek (NPDC); Mayor Neil Volzke/Cr Alan Jamieson (Stratford DC); Mayor Ross Dunlop/Cr Phil Nixon (STDC); Parekawhia McLean/Ross l'Anson (NZ Transport Agency).

Executive, Audit and Risk Committee

Chairperson: Cr David Lean.

Members: Cr Tom Cloke, Cr Michael Joyce, Cr David MacLeod. Cr Neil Walker, Cr Craig Williamson.


Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management Group*

TRC appointment: Cr Tom Cloke (Chairperson).

Alternate Member: Cr David MacLeod.

Other Members: Mayor Neil Holdom/Cr Richard Jordan (NPDC); Mayor Neil Volzke/Cr Kelvin Squire (Stratford DC); Mayor Ross Dunlop/Cr Phil Nixon (STDC).

Taranaki Solid Waste Management Committee*

TRC appointment: Cr Neil Walker (Chairperson).

Alternate Member: Cr David Lean.

Other Members: Cr Richard Handley/Cr Murray Chong (NPDC); Cr Alan Jamieson/Cr Jono Erwood (Stratford DC); Cr Bryan Roach/Cr Steffy Mackay (STDC).

Yarrow Stadium Joint Committee**

TRC appointments: Cr Michael Joyce, Cr Craig Williamson.

Other Members: Mayor Neil Holdom, Cr Alan Melody (NPDC).

* Administered by TRC
** Administered by NPDC


Taranaki Biodiversity Trust

TRC representative: Cr Michael Joyce.

Board of Pukeiti and Pukeiti Trust Fund

TRC appointment to Board of Pukeiti: Cr Donald McIntyre.

TRC appointment to Pukeiti Trust Fund: Cr Bev Raine.

Board of Port Taranaki Ltd

TRC Directors: Cr Charlotte Littlewood, Cr David MacLeod.

Taranaki TB Free Committee 

TRC appointment: Cr Matthew McDonald.

Dairy Trust Taranaki

TRC appointment: Cr Michael Joyce

State Highway 3 Working Party

TRC appointments: Cr Craig Williamson, Cr Matthew McDonald.

Stock Truck Effluent Working Party

TRC appointment: Cr Tom Cloke.

Local Government NZ Regional Affairs Committee and Zone 3 Group

TRC representative: Cr David MacLeod.

Taranaki Stadium Trust

Cr Mike Davey, M J Nield (Director-Corporate Services).

Regional Software Holdings Ltd

TRC appointment: M J Nield (Director-Corporate Services).

Alternate: B G Chamberlain (Chief Executive).