Taranaki waterways updates

The Council reports regularly to the regional community on the results of its extensive monitoring of the health of Taranaki's rivers and streams.

Waterways report card 2020

Taranaki waterways report card 2020

Wed 18 Nov 2020

Tēnā koutou. This year more than ever, it’s fitting to take stock of Taranaki’s progress in improving the health of our rivers and streams, and discuss where we need to go from here.

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Healthy waterways report 2016

healthy waterways

Healthy waterways report 2016

The mauri and health of our rivers and streams is highly valued and is vital to the well-being, livelihood and lifestyle of everyone in the Taranaki region. Read more

Healthy waterways report 2017

Healthy waterways report 2017.

Healthy waterways report 2017

The latest trends from more than 20 years of monitoring the ecological health and physical and chemical state of our rivers and streams show most measures are improving or not changing significantly. And the latest assessments of in-stream life – the primary indicator of water quality – are again the best since we began measuring. Read more