Land & farming

The Council is currently updating its guidance, in light of new freshwater regulations (Sept 2020). Please contact us if you are planning any work involving any aspect of fresh water or waterways.

Requirements for good farm management in Taranaki

The TRC Requirements for Good Farm Management in Taranaki booklet, published in March 2017, is being updated to take account of new Government freshwater regulations [PDF, 644 KB]. It therefore should not be relied upon. New local guidance will be published here as soon as possible.

In the meantime please contact the Council directly if you have any questions, particularly if your farm or business is undertaking or planning operational changes or developments involving any aspect of fresh water or waterways. Even if you haven’t needed a resource consent for such work in the past, it’s important you talk to Council staff.

Telemetry information for consent holders

Water-use data must be sent by consent holders to the Council daily. This can be achieved using telemetry, which is explained in this leaflet.

Telemetry information for consent holders (346 KB pdf) (single document only)

Guides to restoration planting in Taranaki

These guides provide information on restoring and enhancing the indigenous vegetation cover which as been lost from Taranaki. They help to enable landowners, community groups and practitioners to restore ecosystems by planting native species.

Restoration planting guide - Matemateaonga ecological district (2 MB pdf) More guides & map

Sheep dip fact sheets

These fact sheets were prepared by Sally Gaw and Graham McBride for Tasman District Council through a Foundation for Research Science and Technology Envirolink grant. Sally is a lecturer in environmental chemistry at the University of Canterbury. She has 10 years' experience in managing contaminated land and was a member of the Ministry for the Environment’s Pesticide Advisory Group. Graham is a farmer with national and international experience with managing legacy chemicals from agriculture. He initiated research into sheep dips in New Zealand.

Fact sheet 1: Sheep dips in NZ (2.9 MB pdf) More fact sheets

Guidelines for earthworks in the Taranaki region

The Taranaki guidelines are currently under review and until it is completed, refer to the Waikato Regional Council guidelines, which also apply in this region. The document here has links to those guidelines.

Guidelines for earthworks in the Taranaki region (129 KB pdf) (single document only)