Backyard trapping: Get involved

Subsidised rat and possum traps for urban residents, plus tips and trips for using them.

Towards Predator-Free Taranaki can support you with a range of traps and devices that will help bring the birds back to your neighbourhood! 

We offer subsidised box-tunnel rat traps for $15 (Victor) and $20 (T-Rex). You can pick one up from:

In addition, many schools in the region sell the trap sets as a fundraiser. Get in touch with your local school to check if they have any on site. 

We also sell subsidised Trapinator possum traps to urban residents for $50.

If you’re unsure about using a trap, we will also provide assistance and discuss options you’re comfortable with. You may also find the following video helpful:

Backyard rat trapping: A step by step guide

 Already got your trap?

When you get your trap, be sure to register on the Trap.NZ website or app. Recording your trap location, catches and trap checks helps us monitor the success of the project and identify any predator hot spots.

It also provides invaluable data not only for this project, but for others around New Zealand wanting to do something similar. It’s simple and free, with apps for both Apple and Android.

What is Trap.NZ?

If you’re trapping at home, register with the online database Trap.NZ, via its website or app. Then record all your catches and also your trap checks (even when nothing has been caught). This makes Trap.NZ a source of valuable data tracking the region’s efforts and identifying gaps.

Visit Trap.NZ website(external link)