Biodiversity plans

Got a special block of bush or wetland area on your land? It might fall into our Key Native Ecosystem (KNE) programme and qualify for a free Biodiversity Plan.

Protecting native habitats relies on effective planning to ensure all aspects of management are considered. For example it's no good killing the predators if meanwhile old man's beard is smothering the canopy.

To help owners protect KNEs on their land, the Council prepares free Biodiversity Plans for KNEs that fall either wholly or partly on private land.

What's in a plan?

Example of a Biodiversity Plan. Landowners recieve a magazine-style booklet detailing everything they need to know to protect and enhance a KNE identified on their property.

Plans include a colour aerial photograph of the KNE site and photos of the ecologically significant features. Information includes all the species and habitats within the KNE and specific objectives to protect and enhance those biodiversity values. It also includes a work programme and an implementation plan, customised to suit the site and the owner, to sustainably manage the site for biodiversity purposes. 

Our Environment Officers provide ongoing advice and support to landowners where required. 

Funding for protection

Many biodiversity plans are used to access funds available from funding pools such as QEII, the Councils's Environmental Enhancement Grant, and district council heritage funds. 

Interested in protecting a native habitat on your property?

Call the Council on 0800 736 222 and ask for an Environment Officer, or email