Backyard Biodiversity 2021 - episodes 3-4

Episodes 3 and 4 of the 2021 series of Backyard Biodiversity:

Episode 3: For the love of leaf-veined slugs


WARNING: This video contains some outrageously cute footage of putoko iaia (leaf-veined slugs or putoko ropiropi)!

Today's task: Go on a backyard bug hunt during the day or after dark! Post your pics of cool critters on our Facebook page(external link). If you find any slugs let us know if they are goodie natives or naughty introduced pests. If you fancy getting creative, we’d love to see photos of your homemade leaf-veined slugs.

All of the Backyard Biodiversity videos are also available on our Facebook page(external link), the Rotokare website(external link) and the Rotokare YouTube channel(external link).

Join us again next time for some backyard weed busting! Ka kite anō au i a koutou / See you soon!

Episode 4: Weed busters

Grab your superhero mask and cape. It’s time to restore the balance of good versus evil in your backyard.

Today’s task: Choose one weed and follow the three steps of weed busting to annihilate it from your garden! Go to our Facebook page(external link) and post pics of your superhero efforts conquering those pesky pest plants!

  1. Identify: You can use the iNaturalist app(external link) to identify the weed for you.
  2. Plan the attack: Go to the Weedbusters website(external link) and get to know your enemy. Hatch a plan for destruction
  3. Weed whack: Permission to take down the target!

For more wise words from Mike the Weed Wizard on Weed of the Week, go to

Teachers, see our schools newsletter on invasive weeds(external link)

Join us again next time for some backyard adventures in the dark!

Ka kite anō au i a koutou / See you soon!

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