Deposits & charges

An initial deposit is required when you apply for a resource consent.

Payment is required when an application is submitted and is an initial deposit towards the final cost of processing the application. Processing of the application will begin when the deposit is received. The final cost of processing is based on actual and reasonable staff time and disbursements spent processing the application. The final cost (less the deposit) is invoiced at the end of the application process, but there may also be interim invoices during the process.

Amounts applying from 1 July 2018 are set out below. This information can also be downloaded as a PDF.

Initial deposits

All prices include GST

Non-notified application (excluding farm dairy discharge)

New/Renewal/Change: $1,380.00

Non-notified application — farm dairy discharge

New/Renewal/Change: $828.00

Application to extend consent lapse date

Change: $529.00

Application for Certificate of Compliance

New: $1,380.00

All applicants should note that:

  • Where there is more than one application required for the same proposal, an initial deposit is required for each application.
  • If the consent  is notified, a larger deposit will be required.  We will advise if the application is to be notified.
  • Withdrawn applications will incur the cost for work done up to the date of withdrawal.
  • Applications returned due to inadequate information will incur the cost of work done in receiving the application, assessing the information and returning the application.
  • All collection costs incurred in the recovery of a debt will be added to the invoice amount due. Overdue invoices will incur an interest charge of 12% per annum.
  • Details of Council’s charging policy are in its 2018/2028 Long-Term Plan.

Payment options

  • Cheque made payable to Taranaki Regional Council  (to be lodged with application documents).
  • Cash/Eftpos (at Taranaki Regional Council offices, 47 Cloten Rd, Stratford).
  • Pay online via our online services portal(external link) (RealMe login required).
  • Internet banking  — Taranaki Regional Council, account 02-0756-0040555-002, payer particulars 'CONSENT DEP', payer code UNIQUE IDENTIFIER (for you to determine - road or river name, or consent number if known) , payer reference NAME OF APPLICANT (company name or surname of applicant).

Payment details.

Monitoring charges

See the download links for the Schedules of Charges with details of the costs of tailored monitoring programmes, farm dairy discharge monitoring and monitoring where no tailored monitoring programme exists.