Plantation forestry environmental standards

The National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry (NES-PF) came into effect on 1 May 2018.

These are a single set of regulations under the Resource Management Act that apply to foresters throughout New Zealand.

If you have a forestry block larger than one hectare that was planted specifically for commercial activities and harvest, then the NES-PF applies to you.

The NES-PF sets out rules for eight plantation forestry activities:

  • Afforestation.
  • Pruning and thinning to waste.
  • Earthworks.
  • River crossings.
  • Forest quarrying
  • Harvesting.
  • Mechanical land preparation.
  • Replanting.

Most forestry activities are permitted by the NES-PF so long as foresters meet specific conditions to prevent significant adverse environmental effects. If foresters can't meet these conditions they need to apply for a resource consent.

Forestry activities in Taranaki have been managed under the Regional Fresh Water Plan and Regional Soil Plan, but this changed on 1 May, when the NES-PF took effect. We're working closely with the forestry industry to define what the new rules will look like in Taranaki, and we'll keep you updated about what they will mean for you if you have a forestry block on your farm.

Follow the links for an information sheet for Taranaki foresters and contractors, and for more information on the Forestry NZ (MPI) website.

NES-PF information for Taranaki foresters & contractors [PDF, 279 KB]

NES-PF information on Forestry NZ website(external link)


To notify the Taranaki Regional Council of activities covered by the NES-PF, please follow this link and fill in the online form:

Give the Council notice of a permitted activity relating to forestry(external link)

New national rules apply to plantation forest activities.

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