Taking & using stream & river water

Use of small amounts of water does not require a resource consent.

Key points

  • Generally, the use of small amounts of fresh water for domestic purposes, or for stock or dairy farm use, does not require a resource consent if certain conditions are met.
  • Much tighter restrictions apply in some specified catchments, because of the high environmental values of these rivers.

What you need to ensure

  • Your water take for domestic, stock or farm dairy use must stay at less than 1.5 litres a second or 50 cubic metres a day, and less than 25% of the stream flow in catchments without additional restrictions. Water use above this level will require a resource consent.

If you want to take water for any other purpose and/or you need greater volumes, you will need a resource consent.

National water metering provisions may also apply. Talk to Council consents staff about your options.

In the Stony River catchment there is a limit on the total amount of water that can be taken out of the river or its tributaries for agricultural and horticultural uses. Taking water from the Stony River catchment for other purposes is prohibited because of the high scenic and recreational values of the river.

In addition, taking large volumes of water from some parts of the Maketawa Stream and Manganui River is not allowed because of the high environmental values of these rivers. Note however, that small volumes of water are permitted to be taken as above.

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