Air quality

Taranaki can be proud of its excellent air quality.

The windy and exposed nature of our environment, the absence of heavy industry, and low vehicle numbers, mean the region’s communities generally enjoy clean, unpolluted air.

We keep a close eye on air quality as part of resource consent compliance and State of the Environment monitoring programmes.

Regional Air Quality Plan

Clean fresh air is an important part of the quality of life all residents enjoy. However, industries, intensive farming, agriculture, waste management processes and ill-informed residents all have the potential to affect air quality in the region.

The Regional Air Quality Plan for Taranaki sets our  the  regional rules used to control the discharge of contaminants to air, such as emissions from industry or agriculture, including whether or not an activity requires consent.

It also includes the rules for what might be considered everyday activities such as spraying or burning rubbish in both urban and rural areas – all activities that have potential to affect air quality.

The Plan also sets the strategic direction for integrated management in Taranaki between the Taranaki Regional Council and the three district councils.