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Talking Taranaki is the Council's newsletter, published online and in community newspapers.

Talking Taranaki March 2024 [PDF, 1.5 MB]

Views sought on the 2023/24 Long-Term Plan

Talking Taranaki December 2023 [PDF, 4.6 MB]

Special edition: Our review of the year

Talking Taranaki September 2023 [PDF, 2.4 MB]

Views sought on freshwater and regional transport

Talking Taranaki March 2023 [PDF, 432 KB]

Ready to meet the challenges ahead

Talking Taranaki March 2023 [PDF, 5.9 MB]

Updates for the coming year

Talking Taranaki December 2022 [PDF, 4 MB]

Special edition: Our review of the year

Talking Taranaki September 2022 [PDF, 188 KB]

Make your mark and vote in the 2022 local elections

Talking Taranaki July 2022 [PDF, 1.6 MB]

Special edition: State of Environment 2022

Talking Taranaki May 2022 [PDF, 3 MB]

Positive steps towards a better Taranaki

Talking Taranaki March 2022 [PDF, 569 KB]

Busy year ahead in local government

Talking Taranaki November 2021(external link)

Meet the 16 winners of the 2021 TRC Environmental Awards!

Talking Taranaki September 2021(external link)

Delta clouds, Backyard Biodiversity and Essential Freshwater reading

Talking Taranaki July 2021(external link)

Brave conversations on Council services and a wizard's weapons against weeds

Talking Taranaki March 2021(external link)

Talk to us, Taranaki! We consulting the public on our proposed Māori constituency, our Long-Term Plan and our Regional Land Transport Plan

Talking Taranaki December 2020(external link)

Positive highlights in a trying year; a couple of great new videos; and an expansion for our summertime monitoring of popular bathing spots.

Talking Taranaki October 2020(external link)

Meet our new Chief Executive, find out about a new te reo option at Pukeiti, and find out why new freshwater regulations may need your urgent attention.

Talking Taranaki August 2020(external link)

Coping mechanisms, voting mechanisms, Bee Cards and spring in the gardens

Talking Taranaki July 2020(external link)

Farewell to Basil Chamberlain and a call for Environmental Award nominations

Talking Taranaki May 2020(external link)

An eye on the future but the rates on hold in wake of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Talking Taranaki March 2020(external link)

New year brings new challenges - while NP residents do their bit for biodiversity and SH43 gets some much-needed love.

Talking Taranaki November 2019(external link)

New Council hits the ground running - and the Government's latest waterways proposals are an immediate priority

Talking Taranaki August 2019(external link)

Accolades and good results for Taranaki's large-scale streamside fencing and planting project

 Talking Taranaki June 2019(external link)

This edition focuses on Yarrow Stadium.

 Talking Taranaki April 2019(external link)

Items include freshwater and coastal recreation survey, new champions for Predator-Free Taranaki and the special magic of Tūpare in autumn.

 Talking Taranaki February 2019(external link)

Items include Yarrow Stadium options, the social benefits of Towards Predator-Free Taranaki, and why Hollard Gardens is a great family destination.

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