Management team

The Council staff are organised under a Chief Executive and four Directors.

Senior management team

Chief Executive and Directors
Basil Chamberlain

Basil Chamberlain
Chief Executive
email Basil Chamberlain

Gary Bedford

Gary Bedford
Director-Environment Quality
email Gary Bedford

Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall
email Stephen Hall

Fred McLay.

Fred McLay
Director-Resource Management
email Fred McLay

Mike Nield

Mike Nield
Director-Corporate Services
email Mike Nield

Operational structure

The Council employs a permanent staff with wide-ranging professional, technical and administrative skills. The structure matches the Council's fields of activities. It is a flat compact structure with a high level of delegated authority.

Chief Executive (Basil Chamberlain)

Environment Quality (Director: Gary Bedford)
Science services
Emergency management
Resource investigations and monitoring
Waste minimisation

Operations (Director: Stephen Hall)
Environment services (biosecurity and biodiversity)
Land management
River control and flood protection
Regional gardens

Resource Management (Director: Fred McLay)
Policy and planning
Consent processing and monitoring
Harbour navigation and safety
Pollution response

Corporate Services (Director: Mike Nield)
Financial services
Property and investment management
Information systems
Human resources
Public information
Transport planning and services