2022 Local Elections

Final results from the October 2022 Council elections:

North Taranaki constituency (two seats)

  Mike Davey
  Donald McIntyre 3422
  Tama Blackburn 2166
 Informal: 125 | Blank: 418

New Plymouth constituency (five seats)

  Susan Hughes 10537
  Charlotte Littlewood 10239 
  Tom Cloke 10012 
  Craig Williamson 8188 
  David Lean 8121 
  Elvisa Van Der Leden 6025 
  Allen Juffermans 5619 
  Rusty Kane  3403 
  Chris Wilkes  3194 
  Lyall Field 2848 
  Darrel Nicholas 2402 
 Informal: 265 | Blank: 1450 

 South Taranaki constituency (two seats)

  Neil Walker 3354 
  Donna Cram 2873 
  Alan Murray  2476 
  Deborah Clough 1944
  Urs Singer 1030 
  Informal: 40  | Blank: 287   

Stratford constituency (one seat)

  Alan Jamieson 741 
  Mary Bourke  623 
  Matthew McDonald  582 
  Andrew Wood  463 
  Informal: 9  | Blank: 50   

Māori constituency (one seat)

  Bonita Bigham (sole nomination)  

 TRC 2022 Local Elections Final Result [PDF, 464 KB]

Pre-Election Report

A Pre-Election Report was prepared to inform the community and to promote public discussion about any financial issues facing the Council. It brings together information previously published in other Council documents – including its 2021/2031 Long-Term Plan, annual plans and annual reports.

As required by law, the Pre-Election Report is prepared by the Council’s Chief Executive and not the current elected Council members.

Download the Pre-Election Report [PDF, 5.4 MB]