Total Mobility

Under the Total Mobility scheme, the Council provides transport assistance to help people with impairments to get out and about in their communities.

Total Mobility ID card exampleTotal Mobility is a nationwide scheme aimed at assisting people with impairments to become more mobile and active in the community by providing transport assistance through approved taxi companies and companion driving services.

The Council’s Total Mobility Scheme provides discounted fares for eligible members who otherwise have no or limited access to public transport services. Whatever your need, including getting to medical appointments or to the supermarket, Total Mobility makes it easier by saving you up to half the cost of a normal fare.

How does Total Mobility work?

When you join Total Mobility you’ll be issued a personal ID swipe card and a user guide explaining the scheme with member terms and conditions.

Every time you make a one-way trip, your ID swipe card is swiped by the driver through a card reader. This electronically records your details and the details of your trip.

From Friday 1 April 2023, Total Mobility trips will be a further 50% off the usual subsidised fare.  Therefore Total Mobility customers now get a 75% discount on their one-way subsidised taxi fare.

Taranaki has a $40 cap per trip, so the maximum contribution TRC provides per one way trip is currently $30.

Where can I use the scheme?

Total Mobility is available in the Taranaki region and throughout many other centres in New Zealand. It is administered at a local level by participating regional councils who approve qualifying transport operators. Please note, not all transport operators are approved scheme providers.

Find a list of Taranaki Total Mobility providers here. [PDF, 18 KB]

You can use your magnetic-strip TM ID card in most regions throughout NZ.

In the very few regions where vouchers are still being used, you will need ‘out of region’ vouchers. Contact the Total Mobility team on 0800 868 662 at least 10 working days in advance to discuss your requirements. Trips are subject to the local maximum subsidy in the region you are visiting.

Your pre-travel ‘out of region’ checklist:

  1. Check that the transport operator is part of the Total Mobility Scheme.
  2. Check whether they accept the TM swipe cards or vouchers.
  3. If vouchers, contact the Total Mobility team at least 10 days before travelling to request that vouchers be posted to you.

Click on the links below for more details on Taranaki-approved operators.
For downloads and more information about Total Mobility throughout New Zealand view Total Mobility Forms and Guides.
If you need more assistance phone the Total Mobility team on 0800 868 662.

Other transport assistance

Total Mobility is only one of several transport assistance services available for people with impairments in Taranaki. Find more info about public transport and access fares here.