Total Mobility

Under the Total Mobility scheme, the Council provides transport assistance to help people with impairments to get out and about in their communities.

Total Mobility ID card - SAMPLETotal Mobility is a nationwide scheme aimed at assisting people with impairments to become more mobile and active in the community by providing transport assistance through approved taxi companies and companion driving services.

The Council’s Total Mobility Scheme provides discounted fares for eligible members who otherwise have no or limited access to public transport services. Whatever your need, including getting to medical appointments or to the supermarket, Total Mobility makes it easier by saving you up to half the cost of a normal fare.

How does Total Mobility work?

When you join Total Mobility you’ll receive a photo ID card, a book of vouchers and guidelines on how to use vouchers for discounted transport services.

You can use one voucher for each one-way trip, meaning each way of your trip is discounted, with you paying the remaining portion of the fare.

Currently, the maximum subsidy is $20 (50% of a $40 fare).

Where can I use my vouchers?

You can use vouchers with participating operators in Taranaki or other parts of New Zealand. Click on the links to see local and national providers, or if you're planning to travel, call us on 0800 868 662 for a list of the Total Mobility approved operators in the area you will visit.

How can I get more vouchers?

There are four ways to request more vouchers:

For written requests, please include your full name, your Total Mobility ID card number, your postal address and specify the type of voucher you require (yellow or blue).

You need to allow at least four working days to receive your next voucher book, so it is important to plan ahead.

Contact Total Mobility

Call us on 0800 868 662 or email

Other transport assistance

Total Mobility is only one of several transport assistance services available for people with impairments in Taranaki. Click on the link for more information. 

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