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ANZCO Eltham consent monitoring report 2019-2020

located upstream of the discharge (WGG000500 and WGG000510), one site at the discharge location (IND00400) and two sites located downstream (WGG000540 and WGG000620) of the discharge. Black disc measurements were also taken upstream and downstream of the discharge in compliance with the requirements of consent 2039-4.1. Stormwater sampling was undertaken by the Council, during the two sampling rounds. Sampling was not undertaken during or immediately following any heavy rainfall periods when …

Stratford wastewater treatment monitoring 2019-2020

of a good standard. Monitoring of the microfloral component of the tertiary cell of the secondary pond (using chlorophyll-a measurements) indicated that the system had a low algal content, particularly following heavy rainfall events. Microfloral populations have not indicated poor performance of the treatment system to date and generally indicate an improvement in conditions in the tertiary cell since the last WWTP upgrade. During the consent renewal process, SDC investigated a number of …

Annual report 2015-2016

pasture. Average annual rainfall for the site is 1,043 mm (taken from the nearby ‘Patea’ monitoring station). As with the other South Taranaki coastal sites, the Geary site is subject to strong winds. page 10 Site data Location Word descriptor: Geary Road, Manutahi, Taranaki Map reference: E 1718754 (NZTM) N 5606372 Mean annual rainfall: 1,043 mm Mean annual soil temperature: ~15.1°C Mean annual soil moisture: ~32.9% Elevation:

Annual report 2015-2016

Methanex consent compliance monitoring report 2015-16 - Taranaki Regional Council.

OMV NZ Ltd Pohukura Production Station Annual Report 2021-2022

monitoring by OMV OMV monitors the combined stormwater discharge from the site, with sampling triggered by rainfall events. Table 3 shows the results obtained during the 2021-2022 monitoring year. There was no discharge at the time of scheduled sampling during April 2022. In all samples pH, hydrocarbons, and suspended solids levels were all within/below the limits set by consents 5997-1, 6269-1 and 10933-1, and were indicative of a consistently clean discharge. OMV initiated daily stormwater