Pukeiti tours

Learn Pukeiti's stories and secrets and see it through the eyes of a gardener during this one-hour walking tour.

Cost $200 including GST
Capacity Up to 30 people.
Address 2290 Carrington Road, New Plymouth

Other tours

Hollards tour image
Hollard Gardens Hollards garden tour $200 including GST up to 30 people
Tūpare Tūpare House and garden tour $200 including GST Up to 20 people
Tūpare Tūpare House tours $100 including GST Up to 10 people
We have made changes to our tour to keep guests safe from Covid-19 and to maintain social distancing. Visitors will get an informative tour through the main level, be able to peek into the smaller rooms before exiting via the garden room
Tupare garden tour
Tūpare Tūpare garden tour $200 including GST Up to 30 people.
Mobility vehicle tour at Pukeiti
Pukeiti Pukeiti mobility vehicle tour $200 including GST 10-12 people