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Action stations for Pukeiti plant-lovers

PHS Block

Wed 23 Nov 2016

Visitors to Pukeiti can easily find more information on plants of interest thanks to an online ‘plant hunter’s station’ giving access to the iconic garden’s customised plant database.

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Children centre stage in new Pukeiti feature

MistyKnoll blockimage

Wed 26 Oct 2016

In a setting worthy of a fairytale or a Roald Dahl fantasy, Pukeiti’s newest attraction has been designed to allow children and the young at heart to create their own magical world.

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Tūpare's kitchen rules

Tupare kitchen blockimage

Tue 13 Sep 2016

The kitchen at Tūpare's distinctive Chapman-Taylor house has been restored to its 1930s splendour.

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Pukeiti makes the A-list in London

PukeitiAlist block

Wed 01 Jun 2016

The Chelsea Garden Show is to gardeners what Formula One is to petrolheads, so when one of the judges lists Pukeiti in the world’s top 10 gardens, it’s a big deal.

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Tūpare house in tip-top shape

block house2

Thu 05 May 2016

The distinctive Chapman-Taylor house at Tupare has new cedar roofing shingles, replacing the former pine shingles that were in poor condition.

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