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A possum a day in Oākura

The possum.

Tue 02 Apr 2019

Oākura residents on a mission to eradicate possums from the town are helping catch a possum a day.

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GPS tracking collars on predators in rural Taranaki

Stoat2 896px

Thu 14 Mar 2019

GPS tracking collars on wild stoats in rural Taranaki may look cute, but they will provide vital information to help understand these notorious predators.

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Community benefitting from Towards Predator-Free Taranaki

Students with tracking cards 896px

Thu 14 Feb 2019

New Plymouth students and residents are already experiencing benefits from Towards Predator-Free Taranaki, as residents unite to support biodiversity by removing predators - the biggest project of its kind in New Zealand.

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'Perfect honeymoon' removing possums in a New Zealand-first

PF2050 Restore Kaitake online digital2. 896x616jpg

Fri 25 Jan 2019

A new married couple are spending their honeymoon removing possums in New Zealand’s first large-scale possum eradication operation, as part of Towards Predator-Free Taranaki.

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New trapping technology for rural New Plymouth

good nature traps send notification to mobile devices when they have a catch

Tue 18 Dec 2018

New trapping technology is helping the large-scale removal of stoats, ferrets and weasels in rural New Plymouth – the first step in a large scale rural operation that will be a New Zealand first.

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Grandmother buys 12 rat traps for Christmas presents

rat trap under christmas tree TPFT pop up shop

Thu 13 Dec 2018

A Taranaki grandmother who bought 12 rat-traps for her mokopuna says she wants them to give the koha back to taio (the environment) this Christmas.

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New Plymouth pop-up shop sells Christmas gift of biodiversity

Give the gift of Biodiversity website image

Mon 10 Dec 2018

Give the gift of biodiversity this Christmas – get a $10 rat-trap and box from a New Plymouth pop-up shop.

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Trapper Nancy protects Merrilands biodiversity

Towards Predator-Free Taranaki

Fri 19 Oct 2018

Protecting her roses from possums sparked Nancy Gordon’s passion for backyard trapping at her New Plymouth home over forty years ago.

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