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Restless and stuck indoors while you’re all hunkered down for the lockdown? Look out the back door - your backyard is a whole new world just waiting to be explored!

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Join us for backyard adventures to discover what bugs, birds, lizards, and plants have taken up residence in your garden. If your backyard is bursting with biodiversity that’s awesome. If it’s a lifeless desert, we can show you how to make your garden irresistible to native wildlife.

Backyard Biodiversity is a joint initiative between Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust and the Taranaki Regional Council. Through a series of fun videos, Rotokare and TRC environmental educators Ash and Emily will guide you on discovering, protecting, and enhancing backyard habitat for native species.

Episodes will be posted at 10:00 am every Tuesday and Friday on this website and on the Backyard Biodiversity - Taiao Taiepa Ki Tua Facebook page. We’d love to see your backyard journey so share photos of your discoveries and creations with us on social media! 

So if you’re a family itching to get outdoors or a school class looking for new ways to take your learning outside, this is the place for you! It doesn’t matter if we’re at school or at home, we are always going to have Backyard Biodiversity!


Episode 1: Meet Your Backyard Buddies

Episode 1: Meet your Backyard Buddies

**Episode 1: Meet your Backyard Buddies** If you thought staying at home was boring, you’ve got a whole new world waiting to be discovered! We are Ash Muralidhar (Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust) and Emily Roberts (Taranaki Regional Council), joining forces to find out what bugs, birds, lizards, and plants live in your garden! Each week, we’ll be sharing cool creatures, fun activities, and awesome trivia on Aotearoa’s native urban species; then you can head outside to explore your own backyard with your whānau! **Today’s Task** We’d love to see your backyard selfies, so post yours in the comments box below. Join us for new episodes every Tuesday and Friday throughout lockdown period. Videos and links to relevant resources will be posted here on our Facebook page and on these other platforms: TRC website: Rotokare Youtube: Ka kite anō au i a koutou / See you soon! #TRC #Rotokare #BackyardBiodiversity #GetOutside

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