Resource consents issued

Find out which activities have been granted resource consents by the Council, and where.

Resource consents issued by Council officers under delegated authority are reported to six-weekly meetings of the Council’s Consents and Regulatory Committee. Check the summaries listed on this page.

Or use our online GIS application, Taranaki Regional Xplorer, to see particular sites or localities where resource consents have been granted. 

Using Taranaki Regional Xplorer

When you've launched Xplorer, click on the button at bottom left to show map layers, then open 'Regional Layers' and select 'Resource Consent'.

Use the Pan (hand) button to navigate around the map, then click on the Zoom In button and draw a box around the area you are interested in. Locations associated with resource consents will be marked with ®. Click on the 'point' information button (marked with an i in the toolbar above the map), then click on the ®. Information about the consent/s will appear in a pop-up and/or the panel to the left of the map.

Taranaki Regional Xplorer home page.

Taranaki Regional Xplorer home page.