Resource consent forms

IMPORTANT: New freshwater regulations September 2020

New Government freshwater regulations came into force on September 3, 2020. These include rules and obligations around activities on land that may affect water.

The regulations widen the range of activities requiring resource consents and tighten restrictions for many activities covered by existing rules.

The new requirements are far-reaching and should not be ignored. If your farm or business is undertaking or planning operational changes or developments involving any aspect of fresh water or waterways, you should check if they apply. Even if you haven’t needed a resource consent for such work in the past, it’s important you talk to Council staff.

As a first step, download our summary of the changes that are particularly relevant to Taranaki. Over the coming weeks, we will add more detailed FAQs that outline the practical requirements and implications for Taranaki farmers. 

New freshwater regulations: What they mean for you [PDF, 644 KB]

FAQs: Stock Exclusion Regulations [PDF, 578 KB]

FAQs: Wetlands [PDF, 582 KB]

FAQs: Application of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser [PDF, 539 KB]

FAQs: Structures in rivers and lakes and reclamation of rivers [PDF, 1.3 MB]

FAQs: Feedlots and other stockholding areas [PDF, 753 KB]

Intensive winter grazing March 2021 update

The Government has deferred the introduction of IWG practice regulations for a year until May 2022. The Government will work with the farming sector during this period to improve on-the-ground IWG practices for the benefit of freshwater quality and animal welfare. Rules preventing the expansion of IWG still apply. Contact Taranaki Regional Council for more information.

Please note the TRC Requirements for Good Farm Management in Taranaki booklet (March 2017) and Council guidance sheets are currently being updated to take account of the new freshwater regulations. They therefore should not be relied upon. Instead, please contact the Council directly if you have any questions.

Get started on your application process - find out what's required and which consent form to use for the activity you are planning.

All resource consent applications can be completed online. Downloadable PDFs are also available. Consent forms relating to withdrawal, surrender or transfer, and submission forms, are available only as downloadable PDFs.

Please read the notes on this page before starting.

Online forms - what you'll need

The first step with any online forms is to log in with RealMe, or create a RealMe login if you don't already have one.

Note: You only need one RealMe login with a single username and password which will give you access to a range of services where RealMe access is required. The RealMe login is designed to protect your privacy and security.

Payment options are credit card or internet banking.

To complete a consent application you may need to upload some files first such as -

  • Site photos (e.g. for a culvert/bridge)
  • Plans
  • Written approval forms
  • Supporting documents

You may find it easier if you have these files ready before you start the online application. After you start the application you can save your progress and complete the application later.

Are you making a coastal application?

Before lodging any application for an activity in the Coastal Marine Area, you must seek comment from those who have lodged applications under the Marine and Coastal Areas (Takutai Moana) Act. Please let the consents team ( know the location of your intended activity and they will advise you who to contact.

Legal requirements for all applicants

You need to be aware of what the Resource Management Act (RMA) requires of applicants. The relevant extracts can be downloaded here.

Information required under Schedule 4 of the RMA [PDF, 72 KB]

Part 2 of the RMA [PDF, 70 KB]


Consent forms

After reading the information on this page, follow the link here to work through a short series of questions to find out which resource consent application form you require.

What consent form do I need?(external link)