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Latest data*

Site m More Detail links
Kaikura below 7346 0.46 m More
Kapoaiaia at Cape Egmont 0.71 m More
Kapuni at Normanby Rd 0.83 m More
Kaupokonui at Glenn Rd 0.88 m More
Mangaehu at Huinga 1.49 m More
Manganui at Everett Park 0.83 m More
Manganui at SH3 Midhirst 1.26 m More
Mangaone 3 at Katere Rd 0.77 m More
Mangaoraka at Corbett Rd 1.01 m More
Mangati at SH3 0.45 m More
Mangawheroiti Above Intake W.W 0.18 m More
Mangorei at Pipebridge 0.86 m More
Moumahaki at Johnston Rd 1.01 m More
Ngatoro at SH3 0.75 m More
Patea at McColls Bridge 2.01 m More
Patea at Skinner Rd 1.18 m More
Punehu at Pihama 0.41 m More
Stony at Mangatete Bridge 1.63 m More
Tawhiti at Whareroa 0.72 m More
Tawhiti at Tawhiti Rd 0.46 m More
Timaru at Tataraimaka 0.92 m More
Waikaramarama at Bridge 0.42 m More
Waingongoro at Eltham Rd 1.21 m More
Waingongoro at SH45 1.16 m More
Waiokura at Winks Rd 0.47 m More
Waiongana at SH3a 1.45 m More
Waitara at Bertrand Rd 1.88 m More
Waitara at Purangi Bridge 2.70 m More
Waitara at Tarata 2.80 m More
Waitotara at Rimunui Station 1.42 m More
Waitotara at Township 3.59 m More
Waiwhakaiho at Egmont Village 1.02 m More
Waiwhakaiho at Rimu St 0.97 m More
Weraweraonga at Mangawhio Road 0.70 m More
Whenuakura at Nicholson Rd 1.64 m More

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*NZST (NZ Standard Time)
Provisional data only