Monthly rainfall

Our hydrology team crunches the data to bring you these monthly and yearly summaries.

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April 2021 rainfall

Mountain and cloud

Tue 04 May 2021

April was a relatively dry month across the region, with only one site recording more than its normal monthly rainfall. Rainfall at other sites averaged two-thirds of normal, with one down to a third.

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March 2021 rainfall

Rain in Taranaki

Thu 08 Apr 2021

A decidedly damp finish to March boosted total monthly rainfall to between 119% and 225% of normal at our monitored sites, with an average of 168%.

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February 2021 rainfall

Rainbow and mountain

Wed 03 Mar 2021

February rainfall was varied across the region but only five of our monitored sites recorded more rain than they normally get in the final month of summer.

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January 2021 rainfall

Summertime in Taranaki

Wed 03 Feb 2021

The rainclouds picked their targets in Taranaki during January, with totals ranging from 61% to 158% of the month's normal rainfall at our monitored sites.

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Rainfall in previous years

Rain in Taranaki

Fri 01 Jan 2021

Maps showing annual rainfall at Taranaki sites going back to 2007, and annual rainfall distribution since 2010.

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