Monthly rainfall

Our hydrology team crunches the data to bring you these monthly and yearly summaries.

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November 2022 rainfall

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Fri 09 Dec 2022 4:00pm

November’s stormy weather contributed to a very soggy month with rainfall more than 176% of the long-term average.

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October 2022 rainfall


Wed 09 Nov 2022 4:00pm

October was a month of contrasts for rainfall in Taranaki, ranging from 65% of the average for the month at Waitotara at Hawken Rd to 164% at Mangati at SH3.

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September 2022 rainfall

September 2022 rainfall

Fri 14 Oct 2022 4:00pm

Rainfall for September was about average. It was 101.1% of the long-term average, and ranged from 73% at Brooklands Zoo at New Plymouth to 155% at Whangamomona at Marco Road.

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August 2022 rainfall

Rain in Taranaki

Tue 06 Sept 2022 1:00pm

August was exceptionally wet, with many rain-gauges collecting more than twice the typical rain for the month.

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July 2022 rainfall

Rainfall Splash Pexells Noelle Otto

Thu 11 Aug 2022 2:00pm

July was very wet. Rainfall for July was on average 178.4% of the long-term average, and ranged from 111.8% at Omahine at Moana Trig in South Taranaki to 296.4% at Dawson Falls.

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June 2022 rainfall

Rainfall July 2022 Brazil Topno Unsplash

Tue 19 Jul 2022 2:00pm

Rainfall for June was on average 146.5% of the long-term average, and ranged from 96.4% at Kahui Hut to 205.8% at Pohokura Saddle in East Taranaki.

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May 2022 rainfall

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Tue 14 Jun 2022 2:00pm

Rainfall for May was generally above the long-term May average, ranging from 85% to 179%, with an average of 118% of normal.

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April 2022 rainfall

Taranaki Coastline

Wed 11 May 2022 2:00pm

Rainfall for April was generally well below the average, ranging from 27% to 72%, with an average of 50% of normal for April.

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