Monthly rainfall

Our hydrology team and GIS specialists pool their talents to bring you these monthly summaries.

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November 2018 rainfall

Fair skies

Wed 05 Dec 2018

Rainfall was largely below normal across the region in November, the third and final month of what was a notably dry spring.

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October 2018 rainfall

October 2018 rainfall

Wed 07 Nov 2018

October is generally the wettest month of the year in Taranaki. Not this time.

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September 2018 rainfall

Mt Taranaki on a clear day

Thu 04 Oct 2018

September was unusually dry across Taranaki, with some places getting only a third of normal rainfall.

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August 2018 rainfall

Mountain and cloud

Fri 07 Sep 2018

August was a mixed bag for rainfall in Taranaki and unusually, the region had less rain during the whole of winter (June to August) than it did in autumn (March to May).

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July 2018 rainfall

July rainfall

Thu 02 Aug 2018

Our monitored sites had between 87% and 148% of their normal July rainfall, with the regional average at 116%.

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June 2018 rainfall

Rain and shine in Taranaki.

Tue 03 Jul 2018

Rainfall varied across the region during June. But at the year's halfway point, all but one of our monitored sites are above their normal six-month rainfall totals.

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May 2018 rainfall

Rainfall symbol

Mon 11 Jun 2018

It rained on 17 days straight at most of our monitored sites during May, resulting in high monthly totals. One site had more than twice its normal monthly rainfall.

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April 2018 rainfall

Rain and shine in Taranaki.

Thu 03 May 2018

April had it all - Taranaki got strong winds, thunderstorms, tornadoes, heavy rain, hail, cold snaps and warm, sunny autumnal days.

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