Monthly rainfall

Our hydrology team and GIS specialists pool their talents to bring you these monthly summaries.

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October 2019 rainfall

Fair skies

Wed 06 Nov 2019

October rainfall ranged from 53% to 116% of normal at the sites we monitor, with an average of 80%.

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September 2019 rainfall

Rain and shine in Taranaki.

Tue 08 Oct 2019

September rainfall ranged from 57% to 131% of normal at the sites we monitor, with an average of 87%.

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August 2019 rainfall

Calf in August

Wed 04 Sep 2019

August rainfall ranged from 82% to 139% of normal at our monitored sites, with most rain occurring in the first two weeks of the month.

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July 2019 rainfall

Rain in Taranaki

Thu 01 Aug 2019

Rain returned to Taranaki with a vengeance in July after a dryish spell, with some of our monitored sites getting significantly more than the month's normal rainfall.

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June 2019 rainfall

Fair skies

Tue 02 Jul 2019

June rainfall was below half the monthly normal at many of our monthly sites, with a region-wide average of just 58%.

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May 2019 rainfall

Rain and shine in Taranaki.

Thu 06 Jun 2019

Most of May's rain arrived in two shortish periods amounting to five days in total. Monthly totals were mostly below normal, ranging from 50% to 103% at our monintored sites with an average of 74%.

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April 2019 rainfall

Taranaki rainfall

Thu 02 May 2019

Taranaki got a good dousing in April, with rainfall more than double the normal monthly amount at a number of our monitored sites.

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March 2019 rainfall

Sunset in Taranaki

Fri 05 Apr 2019

It didn't rain on many days in March - but the lack of frequency was more than made up for in volume.

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