Stadium update: Strong interest from contractors

Fifteen potential contractors have expressed interest in the Taranaki Regional Council’s Yarrow Stadium repair and refurbishment project.

“We’re pleased that the contractor team can be selected from such a strong squad of hopefuls,” says the Council Chair, David MacLeod.

“They bring solid expertise and experience covering not only the major grandstand-repair work, but also our other requirements including specialist ground stabilisation techniques and stadium lighting installation.”

He says the depth of the industry’s response gives the Council and the Project Steering Group confidence.

“We’re now awaiting final results from the independent peer review of the detailed designs for the repair work, to be considered before the project can move to the next stage.”

Mr MacLeod says the Council is unwavering in its belief that if Taranaki is to be a vibrant and thriving region, it needs a venue that can host a range of international events.

“That’s why we’re reinstating Yarrow Stadium to what it was, with the refurbishments necessary to meet current and foreseeable requirements for such venues,” he says.

The Council will also work to ensure that the repaired and refurbished Stadium is available on reasonable terms to a wide range of community users.