Stadium update: Final checks under way before tenders called

Detailed design work has been completed for repairs to Yarrow Stadium’s earthquake-prone stands and is being peer reviewed before going out for public tender, says the Taranaki Regional Council Chair, David MacLeod.

He says the team has been very busy on the detailed design work for major aspects of the stadium repair and refurbishment project.

“We’re all highly aware of the need to get the stadium back to work as soon as possible, but we’re also determined to ensure the project is built on a firm footing right from the start,” he says.

“Peer review is a vital final step before a single sod is turned. We have to satisfy ourselves that every possible factor and contingency is covered off before we commit to physical work on the ground.

“If all goes well, we can expect site work to begin within the first half of the New Year.”

Mr MacLeod says he’s delighted with the calibre of the governance team that’s been assembled to oversee the Yarrow Stadium project. “We’ve got some experienced and respected people with us, including Bruce Robertson, a former Assistant Auditor-General with special responsibility for local government.

“Bruce has extensive experience and expertise in local government financial oversight and is well placed to offer independent advice and assurance as the project progresses.”