Better Travel Choices: Have Your Say

This is your chance to have a say on the new Better Travel Choices strategy for Taranaki ahead of developing a Road Land Transport Plan for the region.

Public consultation on the two documents that make up the Better Travel Choices for Taranaki strategy is taking place from Monday 18 September to Sunday 29 October. The strategy includes a new active travel strategy and an updated Regional Public Transport Plan. To have your say on the strategy click the link below:

Give us your feedback

Better Travel Choices for Taranaki sets out a series of ideas and options that respond to “The Road Ahead” regional transport conversation earlier this year. We want to have more people travelling by options other than the private car for more of their journeys and to succeed we must: 

  • Support an active (walking, cycling and other active travel) and public transport system that provides safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable options for a range of journeys.
  • Deliver a bus network that you can rely on, and which gives additional choice for more people, for a  wider range of journeys and
  • Provide a public transport system that is well-integrated with other modes of transport.

Therefore, we need your assistance and are asking for feedback on the proposed Regional Public Transport Plan, including possible improvements to the bus network. We also want your feedback on the proposed Better Travel Choices for Taranaki strategy, around proposals to improve safe journeys for all pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users – especially for those with mobility and accessibility issues. To download the consultation document, click the link below:

Better Travel Choices for Taranaki Consultation Document

The two parts of the strategy, which will feed into how the Council develops the Regional Land Transport Plan next year, can be downloaded below:

Better Travel Choices: Part A Active Travel Strategy

Better Travel Choices: Part B Regional Public Transport Plan


Previous community feedback

Taranaki's four councils held a community conversation on the Road Ahead in March 2023.

Developing the Regional Land Transport Plan

The Regional Land Transport Plan is being developed by Taranaki Regional Council and will come into effect in mid-2024.

Changing how we travel

In Taranaki, as in much of Aotearoa, we rely heavily on private motor vehicles to get around.