Information about eligibility and the assessment process.

Who is eligible to join the scheme?

Anyone living in the Taranaki region with an impairment that affects their ability to use public transport can apply for membership of the Total Mobility Scheme. Eligibility is based on how the impairment affects the person's ability to use transport.

An eligible person must have an impairment that prevents them from undertaking one or more of five components of a public transport (bus) journey, unaccompanied, and in a safe and dignified manner:

  • Getting to the place from where the bus transport departs.
  • Getting onto the bus.
  • Riding securely.
  • Getting off the bus.
  • Getting to the destination.

The disability may be temporary, as long as it lasts a minimum of six months (e.g. recovery after a stroke), or variable in impact so that you are sometimes able to use conventional transport (e.g. arthritis).

How do I know if I am eligible to join?

If you have a significant impairment which prevents you from using your own car or travelling on a bus, even intermittently, you will need to be assessed to make sure you meet the national eligibility criteria of the scheme and are genuinely in need of subsidised taxi travel. The application form gives more details.

All Total Mobility users must meet the eligibility criteria and have their membership approved by, and registered with, the Taranaki Regional Council. A medical assessment will be required, conducted by a doctor or specialist. Alternatively, the Council has contracted Access Ability to also provide eligibility assessment services using trained staff.

Contact Access Ability

Call 0800 758 700 or email

The Council reserves the right to seek an independent medical assessment.

How do I get assessed?

Your doctor is the best person to assess your eligibility for the scheme, as they know your medical history. Alternatively, Access Ability is an approved assessment facilitator.

Contact Access Ability

Call 0800 758 700 or email

What happens after I've been assessed?

Once you have been assessed and completed all the sections of the application, you post it to the Council’s Total Mobility team for processing. If your application meets the criteria for the Total Mobility Scheme, the Taranaki Regional Council will issue you with:

  • A photo ID card, which you will need to keep in a safe place, and show to the taxi driver each time you travel.
  • A book of taxi vouchers, which entitle you to a 50% discount on taxi travel. A maximum subsidy of $20 (50% of a $40 fare) applies.
  • Guidelines on the use of taxi vouchers.

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