Citylink information


All Connector, Citylink and Soutlink services are operating under Level 2, with schools services resuming from Thursday 9 September.

  • Face coverings are compulsory on all general services and are strongly recommended students over 12 on school services. Masks will be available on all buses for those without them.
  • Please use the Bee Card on Connector and Citylink services. Cash will be accepted but Bee Card is the preferred payment method.
  • Scan the QR code on each bus you use. The codes are unique to each route.
  • No standing allowed on New Plymouth Citylink urban services (Routes 1-11, Route 20). You can sit next to someone who is not in your bubble but when all seats a filled, no more passengers will be picked up.
  • All Connector passengers MUST pre-book, regardless of when they are using the service. Go to our online booking tool  or call Pickering Motors on 0800 22 11 20. Hospital patients or visitors should continue to book through TDHB. All seats can be used, but with physical distancing where possible.
  • All Southlink passengers MUST pre-book, regardless of which service. For services from/to Ōpunake, call Pickering Motors on 0800 22 11 20. For services from/to Waverley/Pātea, call Weir Bros on 06 278 5252. All seats can be used, but with physical distancing where possible.

All buses are cleaned regularly following Ministry of Health guidance. Drivers are required to wear face coveringss unless they have a medical exemption. Please be kind and follow the requests of the drivers at all times.

Citylink runs weekday commuter services run on nine routes within urban New Plymouth and to Bell Block-Waitara. Info line: 0800 87 22 87

There are also two Saturday services covering urban New Plymouth and Bell Block.

Members of the public can also use Citylink school services.

Citylink timetables

All Citylink services are operated by Tranzit Coachlines Ltd under contract to the Taranaki Regional Council.

Get on the bus!

Ariki St Bus Centre

Citylink buses depart from five bays between Egmont St and Currie St.

Ariki St departure bays - Citylink urban routes

Bus Centre departure points

Bus bay locations

  • Bay A: Ariki St (north side, outside Puke Ariki)
  • Bay B: Ariki St (north side, outside Puke Ariki Landing)
  • Bay C: Ariki St (south side, outside Bus Centre and Puke Ariki library)
  • Bay D: Ariki St (south side, next to Huatoki Plaza entrance)
  • Bay E: Ariki St (north side, outside Centre City)

Which route at which bay?

  • Route 1 (Moturoa): Bay B
  • Route 2 (Marfell-Whalers Gate): Bay B
  • Route 3 (Lynmouth-Marfell, incl Hospital): Bay D
  • Route 4 (Westown-Hurdon): Bay D
  • Route 5 (Frankleigh Park-Ferndale): Bay C
  • Route 6 (Vogeltown-Brooklands): Bay C
  • Route 7 (Welbourn-Highlands Park): Bay A
  • Route 8 (Merrilands-Highlands Park): Bay A
  • Route 9 (Fitzroy-The Valley-Glen Avon): Bay E
  • Route 10 (NP West — Saturdays): Bay A
  • Route 11 (NP East — Saturdays): Bay A
  • Route 20 (Bell Block-Waitara): Bay E

Concession fare information

Your Bee Card needs to be loaded with your concession information to ensure your travel is on the reduced fare. More information on concessions and Bee Cards

Concession fares apply to the following groups:

  • Children under 5 travel free.
  • Children aged 5-15 travel for a child's fare.
  • Secondary school students aged 16-19 years (wearing school uniform or with sufficient ID) may travel to and from school on a child's fare.
  • Community Services Card holders (with concession applied to registered Bee Card)
  • Children (aged 17 and under) of Community Services Card holders (with concession applied to registered Bee Card). The child will be asked to confirm the relationship between themselves and the person named on the card, and their age. The child will not be asked for ID.
  • Tertiary students (with concession applied to registered Bee Card)
  • SuperGold Card Holders can travel for free on off-peak services (9am-3pm and after 6.30pm weekdays, and all Saturday services). (with concession applied to registered Bee Card)
  • Passengers aged 65 or over, and without a SuperGold Card, qualify for a senior citizen fare. (with concession applied to registered Bee Card)
  • People with disabilities may be eligible for Access fares.
  • Eligible WITT students travel free (with concession applied to registered Bee Card)

Citylink fares

Zone N Plymouth Bell Block
or Omata
to/from BB
to/from NP
Adult fares - single trip       
Cash $3.70  $4.20 $4.20 $6.20
Bee Card  $2.67  $3.09 $3.09  $4.63 
Child and concession fares - single trip       
Bee Card  $1.60 $1.85  $1.85  $2.35

Please note that:

  • All fares are one-way.
  • Prices include GST.

Fare zones

New Plymouth fare zone. [JPG, 727 KB]

New Plymouth fare zone.

New Plymouth: New Plymouth from the 100 km/h sign on South Road (west of NP) through along Devon Road (SH3) north up to and including Egmont Road. South to the corner of SH3 and Mangorei Road.

Bell Block and Waitara fare zones.

Bell Block and Waitara fare zones.

Bell Block: Bell Block township from (but excluding) Egmont Road along Devon Road (SH3), along Devon Road through to and including Mountain Road.

Waitara: Waitara township from (but excluding) Mountain Road through Brixton, to the corner Main North Road and Bayly Street. South along Princess St to and including Rahiri Street


Bee Cards: If you tag on to another bus within an hour, no charge will apply for the second trip.  

Cash: The ticket you get from the driver (your fare receipt) doubles as a free transfer ticket, allowing you to transfer directly from one route to another route within an hour of boarding the first bus. Present the ticket to the next bus driver. 

Passengers transferring to Oākura, Bell Block or Waitara services pay the higher of the two fares.