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Better Travel Choices for Taranaki

Download Survey Report [PDF, 586 KB]

The purpose of this community engagement undertaken in March 2023, was to gather information to inform policy development of a Better Transport Choices for Taranaki strategy by Taranaki Regional Council, to inform the development of Speed Management Plans by New Plymouth District Council, Stratford District Council and South Taranaki District Council and seek feedback about bus routes across the region. 

We sought feedback in four key focus areas. In addition to these focus areas participants were given the opportunity to provide feedback on any other issues of importance to them. 

  • Road safety and speed management. 
  • Long-term vision for transport in Taranaki. 
  • Public transport (including buses and rail). 
  • Cycling, walking and active travel.

We had 1805 responses which included comments, submissions and completed surveys across all channels with over 15,000 individual pieces of feedback on our online survey alone.