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Coastal erosion information: inventory & recommendations for monitoring

have been issued by the Council. Sixty four consents have been issued for protection structures along the open coast at Urenui, Middleton Bay, Oakura, New Plymouth near Kawaroa Park, Bayly Road, Bell Block and Waihi Beach. Some consents issued have been for existing structures and others for renewals. In the estuary zones, consents for coastal protection structures have been issued for the Waitara, Urenui, Oakura and Patea rivers and the Te Henui Stream. In areas of outstanding value, 22

Remediation Hearing Paora Laurence

document, 'Remediation (NZ) Limited Uruti AEE Resource Consent Application - Revision 9 1- that in Appendix 5, Ngati Mutunga the iwi of the area must be included in the monitoring of the site. Has this happened? If so when and by whom? The Taranaki Regional Councils' dealing with this continual desecration of our waterways 'has been a manner which, to me , shows lack of respect and aroha.ln the same article just mentioned on the 19 of page . . March,the council say, "The council

Annual report 2014-2015

Summary of performance for Vector Gas’Consent 4780-1 130 Table 52 Summary of performance for Abraham’s Consent 7147-1 135 Table 53 Summary of performance for Abraham’s Consent 7147-2 137 Table 54 Chemical monitoring results for stormwater discharged from Mainland Products beverage storage plant to Bell Block industrial drain for 2014-2015 141 Table 55 Summary of the number of unauthorised incidents discovered and complaints received relating to activities in the Mangati catchment 142

Regional Transport agenda November 2018

Classes – two new activities - rapid transport and transitional rail  NLTP by regions - $300M for Taranaki  Safe Networks programme – government priority  80KM on rural roads (proposed)  National Priority Programmes collaboration with Local Government New Zealand and Enhanced Funding Assistance Rates (FAR)  NLTP Taranaki Investment  Taranaki Highway Projects overview, with discussions on Forgotten World Highway SH43 Moturoa Safety Improvements SH44 Bell Block to Waitara SH3

Site 78

lessons. The following programmes are available throughout the year. Stream studies Nearly every waterway in Taranaki is suited to a study, which at a younger level involves invertebrate sampling, water clarity and water temperature readings. Year 12 and 13 classes and adult groups often use the SHMAK (Stream Health Measurement Assessment Kit) for their lessons. Environmental education is for everyone Study units Most of the activities listed are supported by study units

Radiata pine

grounds, rubbish tips); social constraints (scenic or historical significance) and other local government restrictions (planting near overhead power lines, slope class, distance from waterways etc). Genetics Today a radiata pine seedling is very different genetically to the original introductions. An improved crop is more uniform, will grow faster, have increased log straightness, less stem malformation, a more multinodal branch habit (except for the long-internode breed), and improved crown health

Land Transport Plan monitoring report 2018-2019

Waitara to Bell Block Route Improvements annotation page Regional Land Transport Plan for Taranaki 2015-2021 Page 7 of 22 Annual Monitoring Report for 2018/19 (Year Four) Plan Objective Implementation notes project, many Minor Improvements activities by RCAs, and the community education centred work of the Taranaki Road Safety Action Planning

Regional Public Transport Plan 2020-2030

transport services Plan and procure services using the following service layers:  Urban: Regular frequency service (generally Monday to Saturday) that provides connections between, Bell Block and Waitara, to and from New Plymouth (Ōakura urban service was discontinued in 2020 due to low patronage)  Rural: Low frequency service (minimum weekly) that provide access to town centres for social, welfare, health and activity services  Connector: moderate frequency

Appendix Z - Uruti composting facility nitrogen balance

from the grazed areas. The site layout is shown Figure 1 and the total block areas are summarised in Table 1. page Uruti Uruti Composting Facility: Nitrogen Balance – Overseer Nitrogen Modelling P:\606X\60610766\500_DELIV\501_Report\Nitrogen Balance Report _Update 20190912.docx Revision – 13-Sep-2019 Prepared for – Remediation NZ Ltd – Co No.: 2145171 2AECOM Figure 1 Site Overview Table 1 Site Area Breakdown Block Area (ha) Grazed Land 166.8 Lower

Talking Taranaki March 2022

just four. There is now a flat fare for all passengers travelling within a single zone, with an additional $1 for each boundary crossed. That means a single journey anywhere within New Plymouth (including Bell Block and Egmont Village) is just $2 and a trip from Hāwera to New Plymouth is just $5, with a Bee Card. The start of the school year saw three new school bus services introduced, spelling great news for South and Central Taranaki high school students and their wh nau.