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Assessment of environmental effects

Assessment of environmental effects - application for resource consent, Stratford wastewater treatment plant.

Coastal erosion information: inventory & recommendations for monitoring

the Taranaki region by minimising the net costs or risks of natural hazards to people, property and the environment of the region.’ The policies include improving community awareness, responsibility and planning for the avoidance and mitigation of natural hazards (policy NH1) and locating new subdivision, use and development so that the need for hazard protection works is avoided (policy NH2). The RPS stresses the role of natural features to avoid or mitigate natural hazards (policy NH3)

Policy and Planning Agenda July 2023

Resolved That the Taranaki Regional Council: a) received this memorandum titled Regional Policy Statement – Resource management issues; d) noted that these issues are draft until the Natural Resources Plan is notified by the Council (end 2024) and are subject to refinement through the Councils plan development process and feedback from stakeholders; b) noted that issues are mandatory provisions for the RPS under the RMA and have been prepared in accordance with RMA, National