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OIl Spill Plan annex 9: Financial

page Taranaki Regional Council Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plan Page 1 of 2 Issue 3 October 2020 – Doc# 2614769 Annex 9 ANNEX 9 Financial Procedures & Protocols Financial delegations The Regional Council has delegated provisions for contingency expenditure in the document Delegations Manual for the Taranaki Regional Council. In the event of contingencies arising in respect of civil defence emergencies, flooding, pest disease outbreaks, marine oil spills

Job Description Gardener Hollard Gardens

gardening. • Have technical and practical proficiency and competency relevant to this role’s specialisation. • Extensive experience in plant knowledge and care. • Extensive practical experience in garden maintenance and best practice. Skills • Taranaki Regional Council has a skills pathway framework enabling people to plan their development and grow their skills. The core skills required for this position are aligned with He Pukenga Ara Skills Pathway, and a summary table is included in

Policy & Planning agenda July 2020

regional policy statements, plans and strategies and convene as a Hearing Committee as and when required for the hearing of submissions. Monitor plan and policy implementation. Develop biosecurity policy. Advocate, as appropriate, for the Taranaki region. Other policy initiatives. Endorse submissions prepared in response to the policy initiatives of organisations. Membership of Policy and Planning Committee Councillor C L Littlewood (Chairperson) Councillor N W Walker …

Land Transport Plan monitoring report 2018-2019

page Regional Land Transport Plan for Taranaki 2015-2021 Page 1 of 22 Annual Monitoring Report for 2018/19 (Year Four) Regional Land Transport Plan for Taranaki 2015/16 – 2020/21 Annual Monitoring Report for 2018/19 (Year Four) March 2020 Word document: 2283140-v3 page Regional Land Transport Plan for Taranaki 2015-2021 Page 2 of 22 Annual

Turf master brings know-how to Yarrow Stadium main pitch project

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way to make Yarrow Stadium’s new turf pitch perfect. Will Bowden, of New Zealand Turf Management Solutions (NZTMS), is bringing his expertise as a grass guru to work alongside Yarrow Stadium contractor FieldTurfNZ and create tougher hybrid turf surface that will last longer and be friendlier on the environment. “It’s such an exciting project to create a new pitch on what will be one of the country’s top regional venues and I feel privileged to be a part of this

A Pastoral Farm Operators Guide to writing a Freshwater Farm Plan Te Uru Kahika

Environment for an overview of freshwater farm plans and information about certification and audit requirements. publications/freshwater-farm-plan- system-overview Visit your regional or unitary council website for more information and resources specific to your region. For example, the regional plan and the relevant catchment context, challenges and values information (CCCV). Note: You can find a list of certifiers on your regional or unitary

Environmental action in the community

Community category winners in the 2022 Taranaki Regional Council Environmental Awards. Category Sponsor: Methanex Sustainable Taranaki - for outstanding contribution to promoting sustainability in Taranaki and educating and encouraging communities and individuals to make lifestyle changes which benefit the natural environment. Sustainable Taranaki’s programmes reflect its mission of inspiring people to play their part in handing a vibrant environment to the next generation. Recognising people

High hopes of new grey-faced petrel colony

colonies are scattered around the coasts of the upper North Island, mainly on headlands and peninsulas adjacent to the sea. Toby plans to search the coast for burrows, to establish whether there is indeed a colony growing. He is keen to hear from anyone in Oākura and surrounds who may have seen or heard the birds or seen possible burrows. The best time to see and hear the birds is at night, as they travel out to sea to feed during the day. And they’ll be loving our recent weather as they “love a stormy

Policy & Planning agenda June 2020

Mutunga Estuary Project (Curious Minds) Item 4 48 Update on Environment Court Mediation on the Proposed Coastal Plan for Taranaki Item 5 60 Tai Whenua, Tai Tangata, Tai Ao Item 6 177 Key Native Ecosystems Programme Update Item 7 217 Regional Monitoring Programme for Inhalable Particulate: 2016-2020 Item 8 308 Update on Old Man’s Beard Control Programme - Waingongoro River Item 9 313 Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi Item 10 322 Iwi Member Inductions Closing …

Small Taranaki school making big impact on environment

shelter which in turn will help restore the paddock’s natural wetlands for bird, lizard and insect habitats. As two-time winners of Taranaki Regional Council Environmental Awards and recently achieving Enviroschools’ top-tier Green-Gold status for long-term work in sustainability, their efforts and contributions have not gone unnoticed. Taranaki Regional Council Enviroschools Coordinator Lauree Jones attended the first day of planting. “It was amazing to see the tamariki getting their hands dirty and