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Annual report 2012-2013

three leachate 23 Table 3 Results of analysis of under liner drainage 23 Table 4 Chemical analysis of the Manganaha Stream 24 Table 5 Chemical analysis of the Puremu Stream, sampled on 7 September 2011 25 Table 6 Chemical analysis of the Puremu Stream, sampled on 16 March 2012 26 Table 7 Results of rain event monitoring samples taken on 16 May 2012 28 Table 8 Results of rain event monitoring samples taken on 21 June 2012 29 Table 9 Chemical analysis of Colson Rd

Annual report 2013-2014

monitoring period. The following observations were made during inspections: 14 June 2013 A site visit was made to conduct compliance monitoring inspection and to take surface water, groundwater and soil samples. It was fine at the time of the inspection with one mm rain over the previous 24 hours. The Haehanga Stream was at moderate-low flow at the time of the inspection. The wetland was discharging at approximately 0.5 L/s and the discharge had a brown tint and no odour. There

River study unit

for municipal and rural water supply. Did you ever wonder why many rivers have water in them when it hasn’t rained for days or weeks, there’s no snow melting, and the ground is dry? The rivers are being filled up by water coming from out of the ground in the form of springs and seepages which brings us on to the topic of groundwater. Groundwater facts Groundwater is water which occurs in formations below the earth’s surface. In Taranaki we use 44,022m3 per day but recharge

Appendix 4: Intensive pig farming managment

from neighbours. It is acknowledged that other site-specific considerations will also have to apply, such as: 1. the avoidance of conflict between air discharge points and neighbouring dwellings 2. land contours 3. orientation to the sun. (f) Discharge point design Dispersion of discharges is enhanced by:- increasing the height of discharge points; avoiding the use of conical rain shields over discharge stacks;

Annual report 2012-2013

the Hawera waste water treatment plant. 2.2 Results 2.2.1 Inspections One inspection was carried out in the 2012-2013 monitoring year. 16 October 2012 A site visit was made to conduct an inspection and to take groundwater samples. The weather was fine with 16 mm rain over the previous 72 hours. The cap on the landfill was well vegetated and appeared sound. The level of leachate in the collection sump was higher than usual and had approximately 3 cm of foam on it. A sample was

May 2015

Puketewhiti Stream until we crossed it by the swingbridge and left it behind as we started climbing up the Summit Track. When we reached the Summit Road the group was unanimous in wanting to detour to the Pukeiti Hill Lookout before continuing on to the Paint Mines. Rain during the week had cleared the air and we had lovely views up the coast towards Raglan. From there it was all down hill to the mines which in effect are deep holes now filled with water and fenced off from the track, as

Talking Taranaki December 2022

defences in February as the region was hit by heavy rain. The deluge saw 138mm of rain recorded at Cape Egmont in just four hours. We ran a marine oil spill response exercise in New Plymouth’s harbour alongside Port Taranaki, New Plymouth Underwater Ltd and iwi. We do these to ensure that if there was a real oil spill, everyone would be familiar with the equipment and the correct procedures. An ecologist was on hand to check on the wellbeing of penguins and other

Council meeting agenda October 2018

McIntyre B K Raine N W Walker C S Williamson Apologies Notification of Late Items Item Page Subject Item 1 3 Confirmation of Minutes Item 2 10 Consents and Regulatory Committee Minutes Item 3 16 Policy and Planning Committee Minutes Item 4 22 Executive Audit and Risk Committee Minutes Item 5 26 Joint Committee Minutes Item 6 30 Meeting Dates October 2018 Item 7 31 Presentation - Council website upgrade Item 8 32 Public Excluded Item 9 33 Yarrow

2017 Environmental Award winners

… Regional Council Taranaki Neil Walker South Taranaki Bev Raine North Taranaki Michael Davey North Taranaki Matthew McDonald Stratford Charlotte Littlewood New Plymouth Craig Williamson New Plymouth Tom Cloke New Plymouth David Lean Deputy Chairman New Plymouth Donald McIntyre North Taranaki Michael Joyce South Taranaki David MacLeod Chairman South Taranaki Your regional councillors Neil Walker South Taranaki Bev Raine North Taranaki Michael Davey North

Council meeting minutes April 2018

page Doc# 2033844-v1 Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Taranaki Regional Council, held Taranaki Regional Council Chambers, 47 Cloten Road, Stratford, on Tuesday 10 April 2018 at 10.30am. Present Councillors D N MacLeod (Chairperson) M J Cloke D L Lean (Deputy Chairperson) C L Littlewood M J McDonald D H McIntyre B K Raine N W Walker C S Williamson Attending Messrs B G Chamberlain (Chief