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Report and decision on a poultry farming operation (2011)

the east of the subject property, and is therefore located in the direction of the dominant westerly winds [as indicated by the wind rose included in the Officer Report];  Stating that there is some objectivity in the determination of offensive or objectionable odour. Offensiveness is related to a national scale and is not merely a matter of perception. He noted that Council Officers are trained and have their noses calibrated for sensitivity to objectively assess odour;  Stating

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Alex andra shipwreck Map 43 ± 0 1 20.5 km page Ngā Motu (Sugar Loaf Islands) and Tap uae ONC3, ONFL2 Port Mooring anc hors Tasm anian Maid ship wrec kSalt water baths Tap uae p etroglyp h Tap uae p etroglyp h Wairere p etroglyp h Wind Wand Belt Road RightBelt Road Left Bac k Beac h Breaks Breakw ater The Wedge C62 C63 H5 D133 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 D10 D11D12 D13D14 D15 D16 D17D18 H1 H2

STDC Coastal Structure Annual Report 2022-2023

dynamic coast with many un- vegetated and unstable dunes, with much of the area continually being eroded by wind and wave action. The access way originally covered by consent 4567 has been in existence for many years. It was originally formed in order to provide access to the beach down the steep coastal cliffs present in the area. The access way is basically a bulldozed track which traverses down the mudstone cliffs. The access way relieves access pressure from the fragile vegetated sand

Optimisation of Farm Irrigation Part 2

autumn. Cows will dry off with a higher condition score Conservation of additional pasture production for winter supplementary feeding Increase in milk solids production per cow Salt Washing Pasture in the south Taranaki area periodically suffers from salt burn, resulting from on shore salt-laden winds. It is reported by farmers in the area that salt-burn occurs most frequently with high winds from the southeast to south. The effects can be extensive, covering a large area as far

Opunake WWTP monitoring report 2017-2018

monitored by the Council on 24 and 13 separate occasions respectively between early November 2017 and early April 2018. page 8 2 Results 2.1 Inspections 18 August 2017 An inspection was conducted in fine weather with light northerly wind conditions, following recent heavy rain throughout the catchment. The influent screen was operating and wastes were fully contained. The primary pond level was high, approximately 150 mm below the concrete waveband. The pond

Annual report 2016-2017

the discharge was carried out on three occasions, and the sample analysed for conductivity and faecal coliform bacteria. Contact recreational bacteriological water quality at Opunake Beach and at Middleton Bay was monitored by the Council on 24 and 13 separate occasions respectively between early November 2016 and early April 2017. page 8 2. Results 2.1. Inspections 29 August 2016 An inspection was conducted in overcast weather with light southerly wind

Annual report 2015-2016

undertaken during fine weather conditions with a light northerly wind blowing. Heavy rain had precipitated prior to the inspection. No noticeable odour was detected at various sites around the piggery. The anaerobic digester was producing large volumes of methane gas as evident by the encapsulated gas beneath the digester cover. The generator was not operating at the time of inspection. The leveling tank, concrete collection sumps at the bottom of the solids separation area including the solids

Protecting a surf break: What does it mean?

protected to a high level – but to a slightly lesser degree. Almost all activities or developments will not be able to have any adverse effect. And where an activity or development is significant enough to be allowed to proceed, any adverse effects must be remedied or mitigated. a surf break Seawall, pipeline, groyne, breakwater, jetty. Dredging and mining. Disruption of access. Wind farm. Offshore structures. Wastewater discharge. What are we protecting surf