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responsibilities to identify, record, investigate, assess, list, protect, and conserve historic places, historic areas, wāhi tūpuna, wāhi tapu, and wāhi tapu areas, and to advocate the conservation and protection of these areas. It also includes fostering public interest and involvement in historic places protection. Heritage New Zealand manages historic places, buildings and other property owned or controlled by the Trust or vested in it. All archaeological sites are afforded protection under

Executive, Audit & Risk agenda December 2021

year ended 30 June 2021. Cloke/Joyce 6. Taranaki Stadium Trust 2020/2021 Annual Report 6.1 Mr M J Nield, Director – Corporate Services, spoke to the memorandum to receive and consider the Taranaki Stadium Trust’s 2020/2021 Annual Report. 6.2 Mr M J Nield, declared a conflict of interest as a trustee on the Taranaki Stadium Trust. 6.3 Acknowledgement was given to Mr M J Nield and Councillor E D Van Der Leden for the work on the Trust. Recommended That the

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newsletter this year. Have a great term everyone and I look forward to working with many of you throughout the year. The Rainforest School These children are being given information about the flora and fauna on one of the walks at Pukeiti. page S I T E 201 I S S U E N O.6F E B R U A R Y 4 8 Pukeiti is a world-renowned rhododendron centre, nestled in the rainforest between Mt Taranaki and the coast. It has an interesting history and through the efforts of countless

Te Atiawa

summary. Contact Te Atiawa Authorised voiceTe Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa Trust (Te Kotahitanga) Website: link) Postal address PO Box 1097, Taranaki Mail Centre, New Plymouth 4340 Phone: 06 758 4685 email: Chairperson Liana Poutū Pouwhakahaere Dion Tuuta Deputy Chair Damon Ritai Hapū Ngāti Te Whiti HapūPostal address: PO Box 304, New Plymouth 4340 email: Chairperson: Julie Healy Ngāti RahiriNgāti Rahiri Hapū o Te Atiawa

Executive Audit and Risk agenda February 2024 v2

principles are applied to passenger transport services. Resolved That the Taranaki Regional Council: a) received this memorandum and the additional information on the funding principles applied to passenger transport services. Jamieson/McIntyre Trustees Executors Limited – Debenture Trust Deed Reporting 7.1 Mr M Nield spoke to the memorandum requesting the members receive and consider the Reporting Certificate and the Independent Assurance Report in respect of the

Executive, Audit & Risk agenda Dec 2020

116 5. Local Government Funding Agency - 30 June 2020 Compliance Certificate 126 6. Trustees Executors Limited - Debenture Trust Deed Reporting 130 7. Public Excluded 143 8. Public Excluded Minutes 144 9. 2019/2020 Annual Report and Audit: Report to the Executive, Audit and Risk Committee 147 10. Yarrow Stadium Update 174 Executive, Audit & Risk Committee - Agenda 2 page Purpose of Executive, Audit and Risk Committee This committee handles all of …

Quarterly Operational Report March 2016

within ten working days. Staff have responded to 207 requests in the year to date, 101 of these have been logged through IRIS. Provide servicing and support to the Taranaki Tree Trust and assistance to other organizations involved in promoting sustainable land management. Continued to provide administrative and treasury support services to the newly formed Taranaki Biodiversity Trust, organised the official launch of the Trust as Wild for

Executive, Audit & Risk agenda June 2020

answered questions arising. 8.2 Councillor D H McIntyre declared an interest in Ravensdown, Fonterra and Trust Power reports. Resolves That the Taranaki Regional Council: a) receives the 19-12 McKechnie Aluminium Solutions Monitoring Programme Annual Report 2018-2019 and adopts the specific recommendations therein; b) receives the 19-17 Lower Waiwhakaiho Catchment Monitoring Programme Annual Report 2018-2019 and adopts the specific recommendations therein; c) receives …

Public agenda Ordinary 21 September 2021

proposal for Representation Arrangements for the 2022 Local Government Elections, to hear those submitters who wish to speak to their submission and then to consider changes to the Representation Arrangements. The following submitters were heard: Ordinary Meeting - Confirmation of Minutes Hearing on Representation Arrangements 11 page  Grant Knuckey  Emily Bailey  Paora Laurence  Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Ruanui Trust – Graham Young  Federated Farmers – Mark Hooper