Tūpare house in tip-top shape

The distinctive Chapman-Taylor house at Tupare has new cedar roofing shingles, replacing the former pine shingles that were in poor condition.

The house at the premier New Plymouth heritage property was covered with a tent-like structure while the new shingles were installed. The covering has now been removed to reveal the new roof.

The newly re-roofed Chapman-Taylor house.

The newly re-roofed Chapman-Taylor house.

“The Tupare ‘arts and crafts’ house and garden offers a unique visitor experience of national significance,” says Taranaki Regional Council Gardens Manager Greg Rine. “The house is an important heritage asset for Taranaki.”

“The roof replacement is part of the maintenance programme for the Council gardens and return the house to the original standard when it was built by Sir Russell Matthews in the 1930s.”

The series of monthly Sunday afternoon High Teas held at the Tupare house will recommence in July.

The ‘arts and crafts’ movement was committed to using authentic materials and skilled crafts people. The house was initially designed by the renowned James Chapman Taylor and built under the direction of Tupare owner Sir Russell Mathews. The main construction was carried out during 1932 to 1935 but took 12 years to complete.