Paint; paper; pharmaceuticals (medicines, drugs and other pharmacy waste); photocopiers; plastic (milk, water and soft drink bottles, plastic containers with recycling numbers 1-7); plastic bags; plastic cling-wrap; polystyrene


PaintWise (managed by the Resene Foundation) is available through the New Plymouth Resene Colorshop.  PaintWise accepts any brand of decorative paint, but not automotive and marine paints, and not paint thinners, solvents or aerosols. A small charge applies to non-Resene branded product and trade returns to help offset the costs of the PaintWise programme.  Rusty and empty tins are also accepted. The collected paint has a mix of end uses including community donation (paint as is), community donation for anti-graffiti work (blended waterborne grey paint) and other uses such as manufacture into PaintCrete. Containers collected through PaintWise will also be recycled. The New Plymouth Resene Colorshop is at 132 Molesworth Street (view map(external link)). See www.resene.co.nz/paintwise(external link) for more information. Note: If paint is already partially dried out, it is unsuitable for recycling. Simply leave the top off the container until the paint is dried out completely, then put  the tin out in the rubbish, or take it to PaintWise


Newspaper, magazines, printer paper, office paper and flattened cardboard boxes can be put into your recycling bin. Paper can also be composted. Confidential items can be shredded, then composted. Note: Waxed paper, such as milk cartons, and carbon paper cannot by recycled or composted.

Pharmaceuticals (medicines, drugs and other pharmacy waste)

Ask your local pharmacy about disposal of old medicines.


If you have an unwanted photocopier, contact the manufacturer (for example. Fuji Xerox, Konica Minolta, Ricoh or Canon), as they may be willing to collect it for refurbishing or recycling. There might be a cost, depending on location, age of machine and other factors. See also the information on e-Waste

Plastic (milk, water and soft drink bottles, plastic containers with recycling numbers 1-7)

Remove lids and put into your recycling bin for kerbside collection. Please rinse thoroughly before recycling.

Plastic bags

Reduce plastic bag use by taking your own reusable bag to the supermarket. Plastic bags can NOT be put into your kerbside recycling. Some supermarkets have a collection point to take back plastic bags.  These will be sent for recycling.  Ask your local supermarket if they have this service. Plastic bags can be dropped off to Egmont Refuse and Recycling Ltd, 19 Scott St, Hawera, ph 06 278 6170.

Plastic cling-wrap, etc

To recycle Glad GLAD® ClingWrap, zip-lock bags, containers and dispensers visit the Terracycle(external link) website to find your nearest location.


Polystyrene is recycled at Egmont Refuse and Recycling Ltd, 19 Scott St, Hawera, ph 06 278 6170. This service is free for small domestic quantities but there is a charge of  $2 a kilogram for larger quantities.