Oil filters; oil (vehicle engines); oil (cooking)

Oil filters

Two companies offer a recycling service for oil filters to motor vehicle workshops and other major oil filter users in Taranaki: ERS NZ Ltd (0800 377 977) and Ecocrush (Stuart Edwards, 027 434 5837). They collect the filters, extract the oil for reuse, and recycle the metal. There is a charge. Contact them for more information.

Oil (vehicle engines)

Take to transfer stations at Colson Rd (New Plymouth) or Scott St (Hawera), ask at your local garage or, if you have large volumes, contact Transpacific Industries Group (New Plymouth). Charges may apply.

Oil (cooking)

Cookright (Vatman) - free collection service. Ph 0800 Vatman or 0800 828 626. 20-litre drums provided. Tallowman - free collection service. Ph 0800 432 862. 44-gallon drum provided.