Electronic waste (e-Waste)

Electronic waste (e-Waste)

Electronic waste (e-Waste) contains hazardous materials which can seriously harm the environment, wildlife and human health if disposed of inappropriately.

There are drop-off points for e-Waste recycling at New Plymouth, Stratford and Hawera. Charges apply, but they are subsidised by the New Plymouth District Council, the Stratford District Council and the South Taranaki District Council in their respective areas. 

New Plymouth: Transfer Station, Colson Rd, ph 06 755 9099. Hours: 8am-4.30pm daily. More information and price list

Stratford: Transfer Station, Cordelia St. Hours: 2pm-5pm Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday; 10am-1pm Wednesday; 1pm-5pm Saturday-Sunday. Prices: $10 per unit (TV, stereo or computer).

Hawera: Egmont Refuse and Recycling Ltd, 19 Scott St, ph 06 278 6170. Hours: 8.30am-3pm weekdays; by appointment Saturdays. Prices:

e-Waste item Subsidised cost (incl GST)
Desktop PC $5
Laptop $5 
Office server $5 
CRT computer monitor $15 
CRT television $20 
LCD and plasma television $20 
LCD computer monitor $15 
Hubs, switches and routers $4 
Patch panels and modems $4 
Inkjet printer $11.50 
Desktop laser printer $12
Workgroup laser printer $12 
Photocopier (small-medium) $46 
Photocopier (large) $69 
Cellphone $1 
UPS  $12 
Laptop battery $6
Fax machine $12 
Copier toner $4 a kilogram 
DVD/VCR player $7 
Stereo system $7
CD/DVD discs $1.50 a kilogram