Cans; car bodies; chemicals; clothing; cooking oil; concrete and bricks; computers, monitors, printers and fax machines

Cans (aluminium or steel)

Put into your recycling bin for kerbside collection. Please rinse thoroughly before recycling.

Car bodies

Enquire at your local car wreckers or scrap-metal dealers regarding collection.


3R provides a collection and disposal service for industrial, agricultural or household chemicals. It's called ChemCollect(external link).


Donate good-quality used clothing to Red Cross or church groups, charity collections or clothing bins, or take to second-hand clothing shops near you.

Cooking Oil

Cookright (Vatman) free collection service. Ph 0800 Vatman or 0800 828 626. 20-litre drums provided. Tallowman - free collection service. Ph 0800 432 862. 44-gallon drum provided.

Concrete and bricks

Clean used concrete and bricks can be dropped off for recycling at Jones Quarry, Mahoetahi Rd, between New Plymouth and Waitara. Call 06 754 8500 or 027 276 2498 or see www.jonesquarry.co.nz(external link).

Concrete can be dropped off for recycling to Taranaki Concrete Recyclers, Rifle Range Rd, New Plymouth. Call 027 896 4288 for details.

Computers, monitors, printers and fax machines

If your unwanted computer equipment, printer or fax machine still has life left in it and you are happy to give it away, you could offer it to a charity shop (Hospice shop, for example). Or you could list it on Freecycle(external link) or offer it to a local school, Be sure to delete all personal data from your computer before disposing of it. If in doubt about how to do this, contact a computer service shop. See also our information on electronic waste recycling.